Old CKEY permaban on Golden (Nyaakuza) by AzlanonPC/bilary


Admin’s CKEY:
The ban shows up twice in the list, once by AzlanonPC and one by Bilary

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Sage didn’t exist at the time

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-06-20 23:16

Round ID:
It shows as error in the list

Ban Reason:
The reason listed is “Revealing the round’s vital info such as the cult base on a cult round as ghost on OOC.”

My best recollection is this exact thing. I was trying to be deconverted and sec executed me instead. I didn’t realize at the time that asking for deconversion wasn’t, for lack of a better term, kino.

Appeal Reason:
It was a long time ago, on Golden, in an environment I didn’t like and frankly… I wanted to be banned. I hated it. I hated the server so much. My behavior was strongly influenced by that. I was still a fairly new player to the game and had only had bad experiences and I was very much a bad player.

Additional Information:
I have not been actively attempting to ban-dodge. I dropped the CKEY because of the reputation it had on other servers and I desperately wanted to get rid of that reputation and just start anew. I was a real shit of a player on TG and got my ban damn-near hardcoded into it.

I’ve been thinking of Sage as a new server entirely, not even thinking about my old CKEY or the ban on it. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I tried it out of curiosity to see if the ban still held even with the server split, and it does.

I’ve been a decent player over on Sage and I promise my behavior that earned that permaban is left behind with that CKEY, and if this CKEY gets unbanned I won’t ever use it here. There is only one reason I make this appeal at all, or bring this up at all.

I am considering making an admin and/or mentor application (no, I don’t expect it to go through) and I know that if I do that then my CKEY will be posted on Hostchat and Nervere will figure it out. I tried to play on tg on this CKEY, and the sticky ban re-applied to it. The paper trail exists.

I know I can’t go back to tg and I don’t want to because I’ve found a home on Sage and I love it here. But I need this to be resolved, for my sanity.

I promise I have not intentionally been trying to ban-dodge, not on Bee. And I certainly have no intent to grief. If you don’t believe me, I understand. I’ve learned to not fight the system, and all I can ask for is lenience for better-behavior.

Denied, as this user has been suspended from all channels.