Ofkiast banned by TheRukoFamicom

Title: Ofkiasst banned by TheRukoFamicom

CKEY: Ofkiast
Admin’s CKEY: TheRukoFamicom

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021/08/15

Round ID: 31345

Ban Reason: Distributing WGW on pink fliers.

Appeal Reason: I had recently migrated from an LRP server (Austation), where this sort of thing would be accepted. I had not familiarized myself with the rules (specifically Rule 6). I could understand how this action could bring discomfort, but that was never my goal. I will play better this time.

Additional Information: It happened over a year ago

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Looking at the other ban appeals, your probobally going to ask me for a vouch, so I’ll make this easier for ya. I don’t use this ckey anymore, instead playing under ‘Iicocoaloco’. These days I mostly play on Foundation-19 (HRP) when thats up on the weekends, or Monkestation (MRP) whenever thats popular. Both of these are incident-less, and I’m sure would give a good word if you bothered reaching out to them.

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Yep you got that right. Your year untill apeal is up, so you just need the vouch now.
Personaly i’d prefer monke out of those two. Either way, just get back to me after askin and tell me
“yea [admin name here] of [server name here] is willing to vouch for me”
We’ll go and confirm on our own.

PS, where’d you get that date? :thinking:
Its actualy even longer ago, having been apllied on the 2021-07-15

It has been 16 days and no vouch was provided. Feel free to reapply after you have successfully gotten a vouch from a reputable server.