Officer beepsky

Officer beepsky does a better job than sec
Change my mind


no ur wrong, he is peak shitsec.

he never asks questions, he mercilessly batons you until you comply.

beepsky doesnt care what you did, wont even ask about the crime at hand. he will stun you, chase you, he never stops.

you outmaneuver him. but 50 minutes later when you have gotten your last antag objective, he is in the hallway waiting. stuns you. cuffing you. robbing you of that greentext you hold so dear.

an assistant can put you on arrest, for fun. Does beepsky become sceptical? no. he batons you until you comply.

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You say all of this like it’s a bad thing


I’ve been playing SS13 since 2015, roughly 65% of my murderbone rounds, Greytide rounds, and just regular antag rounds stopped prematurely because of beepsky

But that is the true spirit of sec

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100% true. When I call beepsky as AI it actually responds and calls in the arrest.