OddHerring banned by Not sure

Discord ID: OddHerring

Admin Discord ID: No idea.

Ban Type: Permaban

**Ban Length:**Permaban

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 8/13/2021

Ban Reason: “Permabanned and told someone to kill themselves in general. Goodbye.”

Appeal Reason: I have autism and said this out of pure anger, I had been permabanned from the server for having armor and a knife and was arguing about it happening and several people were making stuff up that they claimed I said, I’m sorry, I understand that what I did was extremely unreasonable.

Additional Information: N/A

That aint somethin light chief, shouldve known better what to do when youre seethin, that is turn off pc and go to bed. Better apologize for that first.

I’m considering changing this to a warn, but I’d like to know why you want to be on the Beecord if you’re actively against how the server exists and have been permanently banned.

I plan to appeal the game ban, also I’m not “against how the server exists” I’m against the server being changed to something it didn’t used to be without warning.

At the moment, if you’re solely going to be on the discord to complain about your ban, I don’t think there’s much of a purpose. If your permanent ban appeal is successful, I will change this to a warning.

This is fair. If you need second opinion you have mine.

As no appeal has been lodged, I am closing this as well.