Oceanic_Fish mentor application

Your CKEY: Ocean_Fish

Your Discord: Ocean_fish#4671

How long have you been playing ss13?: I’m not playing that long actually. I started playing this game in the beginning of this year and my first server was Bee. Then it was Citadel (where I got permaban because I accidentally burned the staton (did not try to appeal)). Then I played on some other servers that have TG code such as hippie and TG itself and, fortunately, without any troubles with rules. Then I returned to Bee and didn’t play on any other server yet. 507 hours on bee

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I met a bunch of people and I have no idea who of them is going to vouch for me. I’ve got some people that I cooperate with and some people that I shouldn’t cooperate with. I usually try to be good to people (because I’m unrobust) and I’m trying not to murderbone even if I’m an antagonist (until shit hits the fan or to prevent an epic fail of a stealth mission (in nuke round)). Probably people that prefer an AI role will remember and hate me because I often want some doors to be opened or some things to be done as soon as AI deal (or not) with my previous order.

Game Experience (More Detailed): For the time I’ve been playing I tried roles of every departament including cyborgs and AI (yeah I had some troubles when I played a borg for the first time, but now I’m not killing that guy with a fire extinguisher I promise). I know how to do stuff, how to be prepared for that stuff, why will you die after that and etc. The departments I got experienced more than any other is security, service and medbay. The thing I experienced worse is atmos. I’ve played every antag role excluding gang master, wiznerd, revenant and sentient disease. I’ve got also experienced in space and lavaland, so I can explain why you actually need that jetpack instead of a fire extinguisher.

+2 Lot of playtime and relatively few notes, you sound like a good addition to the team.

jetpack is for nerds, fire extinguisher gang rise up.

Also wow, someone who’s actually experienced with Security? Shocking - you’re a psychopath - which means you’ll be a good addition to us folk who can speak in pink sometimes.

While your experience with the departments is a bit vague I’m just guessing your playtime has covered that. The antags you haven’t played are either minor ones or ones so rare that it’s acceptable to have not played them

T: 3

I recognize you as a good player, but I’m not too sure about your overall experience. So I’m gonna run a few simple questions by you:

  1. How do you heal clone damage if the cryopods are unavailable?
  2. Which antags can be prevented/deconverted by mindshield implants?
  3. On lavaland, which plant(s) can be used to restore health in a pinch?
  4. What are the signs of appenditis given you don’t have a medical scanner to detect it?
  1. Shower and cryoxadone
  2. Rev rebels can be deconverted, cult (both) can be only prevented. Gangs can use mindshield breakers.
  3. Fruit plants (I don’t remember full name I only remember they got “fruit” in it and it looks like a cactus).
  4. Vomiting.
  1. :white_check_mark:
  2. :white_check_mark:
  3. :ballot_box_with_check: “Cactus Fruit” is the most common, however leaf mushrooms also contain a trace amount.
  4. :white_check_mark: A more subtle sign is an occasional burst of toxin damage.

3.5/4 - You’re pretty good :point_right::point_right:


Based fish, knows their deal.

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They got the info, they got the smarts, they got the nice

Accepting this right now

+1 yes experienced player

Bitch doesn’t know hitting a bat one time with cap’s sabre kills the vampire

For some reason this wasn’t never accepted or anything. Based.

This was accepted days ago, yare yare yare.