Nutskeet ban appeal

CKEY: nutskeet

Admin’s CKEY: MrEloda

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP apparently

Ban Type: perm

Ban Length: perm

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06-02-20

Round ID: 16691

Ban Reason: Apparently I “threw iron into the SM, causing it to delam, Dc’d before bwoink”

Appeal Reason: I think you got the wrong person. I didn’t throw anything into the SM. Not iron. or any other object for that fact. If you check the logs, you’ll probably see that I didn’t pick up iron sheets the entire game, if memory serves me right.

Additional Information: i dindu nuffin, except for real this time. please unban, you banned the wrong person. “I can’t breath” - George Floyd 2020


Looking at the logs for 16691, Nutskeet did not throw the iron. In fact, no iron was thrown at all anywhere near the SM (Closest is in the nanite lab). Nutskeet also has no attack logs for this round.


free this man

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2 or 3 rounds previous the SM went Tesla after you removed the scrubbers and put an air injector in.

Then you threw a piece of iron at it to kickstart it.

Yeah I’m pretty sure Eloda was waiting for auth that never came.

Until it did, so it might be a round to three earlier.

03:13:59 [0x2007320] (100,177,2) || the Supermatter Engine air scrubber #2 was REMOVED by Nutskeet/(Philbert Jackson)

03:14:00 [0x200731f] (100,178,2) || the Supermatter Engine air scrubber #1 was REMOVED by Nutskeet/(Philbert Jackson)

03:14:03 [0x2007321] (100,176,2) || the Supermatter Engine air scrubber #3 was REMOVED by Nutskeet/(Philbert Jackson)


we’re talking about round 16691. in which i did nothing accused of. and was found innocent.

The ban was for events that happened in a previous round. Not 16691.

i still did not throw iron into the sm



Are you denying that you removed the scrubbers (and also added an air injector) to a super matter which went Tesla?

Throwing the iron isn’t really the issue, it’s a pretty Chad way of starting the super matter. The real issue is that you placed down an injector, and removed the scrubbers. The super matter went major boom boom after that.

No. I’m saying that in the round ID 16691, I did nothing I was accused of and banned for. And therefor should be unbanned as it was a wrongful accusation.

You were banned for something that happened several rounds before that, the round ID you have is the ID of the round that you got banned in, not the round that you did no no.

I did nothing detrimental to any rounds that night. I was there for them all except one I went afk in. Everything was fine. A perma from both servers is silly. I try new SM setups all the time. Sometimes they work, sometimes they end horribly. It’s no different than a scientist fucking up toxins/viro releasing half asses virus/atmos adding too much n2 to the mix distribution. I’ve been here a long time. I’ve had supermatter setups that can run without scrubbers entirely. I once had a supermatter that took a meteor and exposed half its chamber to vacuum and it still didn’t delam with its setup.

And in round 16691, I threw nothing. Especially not iron.

The reason for the ban was that given only the logs (and since you had since DC’ed and weren’t playing), it appeared to be intentional major grief.

I’ll leak my comments in admin chat about it.


So far the logs show that you were playing with the SM, moved some filters and scrubbers around, and then later on in the round it went tesla and destroyed the station. Those are the straight facts.

I don’t know if you were trying another kooky triple radiator quintuple freezer direct emitter plasma injection space loop radiator build, then stepped away and a traitor swung by and sabotaged it.

All I know is that SM go boom, and you were messing with it.

Please post the full ban reason:
“Threw iron into the SM as non antag on MRP, caused it to delam. Dc’ed before being bwoinked. Already has a ton of notes for similar reasons. Appeal on the forum

The situation is not permaworthy on it’s own. However you have a LOT of notes. Insane amont of 0.069 notes per hour (nice) and this ban became perma because of your notes and to force you to appeal. However I agree with changing this server perma to job perma or lowered server ban

You got banned in that round for something you did before that round.

I promise you I wasn’t griefing. Like it even says in that admin chat “it seems out of character to grief”.

It went boom. I’m not denying that. It was just another kooky SM trial and error.

I mean come on, ask Ruko. I’ve had SM set ups that were LITERALLY ON FUCKING FIRE and completely stable at 100%.

This was a fluke. Nothing more. I’ve saved the SM from total shitstick failure more times than I can count.

As for logging off, I work overnight 11pm - 7am EST. If I ever mysteriously just disappear during those hours, 99% of the time it’s because I got busy at work and had to walk away from my laptop. Which is the case here, I had an issue arise that I had to abandon my laptop for a while to solve.

Thanks for explaining your side of it.

When Eloda is on, I’ll give them a heads up about this thread.

Overall, I’m inclined to believe your side of what happened. The reason for the ban was because you couldn’t be reached to give your side of the story, so you were assumed guilty.

My personal conclusion: This was an overall accident, and not intentional grief.

I said it in the discord DM and I’ll say it here too. Adminshopping bad.

You frequently make unstable or barely stable SM setups and while you usually keep them under control, you have a history of not installing failsafes. Being at work isn’t an explanation I’ve gotten before regarding the failures when they happen :thinking:

I’m really curious why the scrubbers were removed, but speaking from experience I do believe they would have been replaced in a different arrangement. Most of his setups I’ve seen before replace the vents with Injectors, and this is something I’ve started doing as well (when you set a vent appropriately it may as well be an injector anyway)

In closing, I don’t think it’s as bad as it might look at first glance, but Nutskeet is also a mad scientist type that doesn’t plan with safety in mind. I would agree with a long engineering ban, but not perma for what boils down to a constant drive for experimentation. I also could be biased here though, having played with directly and frequently nerding out over the SM with you before.

Don’t let Ruko trick you. They get excited when I make stable slime generator SMs for all the Ghosts

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I’ve unbanned him. We should close this thread now.