NullRieky Player Report

This should be done today, I’m just looking over logs for determining intent, and making sure I make the right ruling so that any headmins don’t beat me :face_holding_back_tears:

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The hypnoflash:

This was handled in-round.

I am backing up Not_A_Shark’s take in that it isn’t explicitly a murderbone objective - as some said, you could have also murdered without attempting to murderbone, i.e. luring someone into maints or the freezer and so on. You were even told that you could kill if you RP’d it well.

Going over NullRieky’s logs, I see someone who also RP’d a lot, most of their hypnoflashes being “private religious ceremonies for Khorne”.

Beside being handled in round, I believe the logs also negate the points brought up in the OP.

There are plenty of ways to get human and crew meat, and you had a pass to RP murders without boning.

Thank you for looking out for Bee as a whole!

Report rejected