NullRieky Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: LodedDiper

Your Discord: Discord User#4914

Offender’s CKEY: NullRieky

Offender’s In-Game Name: Frasier Montane

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07-26-2022

Round Number: 39523

Rules Broken: 13.4

Incident Description: As an incursionist with only a single assasination objective, hypnoflashed me with the objective “You are the greatest chef, cook human crew meat for your food”, which caused me to murder one cargo tech who (I think?) just so happened to actually be their target. Despite that, it’s still an objective which crosses the line into murderbone and not something regular antags should do.

Additional Information:

If you felt that their hypnoflash request was crossing the line, why didn’t you ahelp it at the moment?

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None of this would actually require murder, you chose to interpret it that way, you could have gotten human meat in a multitude of ways that didn’t involve the murder of another player.

i.e. you could have used humanized monkeys by asking medical, you could have gotten people fat and then asked medical to remove their fat allowing you to cook human meat

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Didn’t know their objectives, probably.
I don’t feel like this is quite murderboning. It actually strikes me as an interesting RP-oriented brainwashing objective.
Creating an insane cook would be interesting for keep Security off your back and leaving it a bit open-ended lets the Cook decide how to proceed.


I agree with your read of the situation.

It’s understandable to be worried about things crossing the line, but it seems like in this situation nothing went awfully wrong, and an interesting RP situation ensued.

I mention the ahelping because they could have seeked comfort on knowing that an admin was monitoring the situation and would have taken action if needed.

In any case, I think that the report could be arguably be closed without any major repercussions.

Edit: I’d argue that proper roleplaying has some leeway rule-wise, depending on context. This looks fine to me, personally.


Because I didnt know what their objectives were at the time. I assumed it was a hijack traitor

I’ll look into this sometime this week.

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nothing in the objective implies murder since you couldve just taken bodies from the morgue or the like, and it would probably have been interesting to roleplay as an insane or creepy chef like the objective seems to have intended, so i think the report is a bit silly

Thats literally the first thing I tried (and no, there weren’t any corpses in there by the way). You guys really think that the incursionist just intended me to gib a few morgue corpses?

if the incursionist wanted you to murder people and cook them i think murdering people would be included in the objective

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You both realize you can kill people as the bad guy right? Just not a nukie style assault on large groups. The only way this is a rulebreak is if you murderboned. Did you murderbone?

What the fuck are you guys on about? As if intent suddenly doesn’t matter here?? Of course murdering was implied in the objective, are you stupid? What else would I be supposed to do?
This objective was not created to help the incursionists objectives in any way. This objective was created so I would kill random crew, period. I have no damn clue why the entire forum seems to hate this report. It’s very clear murderbone, as it’s defined in the rules. If you people hate actually roleplaying the objectives and not just going “turn crew horizontal” like this incursionist did then just go to TG.

I think I know why people hate my report. It’s the anti-RP “WHY DO YOU HATE FUN” mindset that pops up literally every time an antag gets nerfed or in this case when someone murderbones and you dare to speak up about it. I know you guys miss golden, but it’s over, and it’s not coming back. Die mad about it.

i think their objective was created so that the incursionist could create an interesting roleplay opportunity

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Do people just call anything “roleplay” these days? Literally what about this is roleplay? Do you honestly think these incursionists were told by the CEO of syndicate that they should make the chef murder the entire station? And this doesn’t even make sense because it would be in the list of objectives if this actually happened.

Did you read my posts at all? If anything I think that it tried to encourage RP.

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your incursionist friend didn’t explicitly tell you to murder everyone, he really just said use human meat. that doesn’t mean kill everyone, it just means use human meat lmao

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No. This is a straight up lie. He said “Use human CREW meat” and knew damn well that there weren’t even any crew in the morgue.

that still doesn’t mean murderbone, it’s just a little interesting chaos to add to the round

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I’ll be closing this post until Kie can go over it.

Current discussion is not adding any value to the original report and it’s starting to turn into a yelling match.