Null crate reworks

Administrative side: Admin log when null crates are ordered, and when a supply console is emagged.

Gameplay wise: null crates are cheaper, but you only get 1 or 2 over time, like you start off with 4 and gain 1 every 20 minutes, 5 minutes after a null crate order lands, an announcement plays about “Strange signals from cargo console”
Signalling the crew that traitors are afoot.
This also plays to the emag’s weakness, extremely obvious when emagged.

Let me know what you guys think

the issue never was that traitor got to much gear, problem was that the station would have to much gear. This would not fix that

what do you mean by that?

Ah yes so everyone knows traitor emagged console easier, everyone also gets a a neat meta announcement for it? That helps traitors greatly.

Pointless rework, honestly null crates should be ditched as a whole.

the main problem is we didn’t enforce the rule of no ordering null crates hard enough, there’s also no specific examples in the rules, we should adapt to yog when they say no powergaming, they classify various common things when playing their server

A feature this ban baitable should not be added. Especialy since traitors AT BEST will only get 1 crate until the cargo gets guarded. It never worked out for traitors and only helped the station.

What about null crates being only visible for traitors? Or just after some time the illegal thing expired, say you emag it, 10 minutes later it looses it’s emag properties