•Nuclear Atriction - Drew james Newest Fanfic Masterpiece

•Nuclear Atriction

I was only a janitor when everything happened, i heard a loud bang and had gone to check when i got into the room i saw a strange man with a blood red suit, He had just killed the captain i was horrified but strangely attracted to him, with a soft voice but threatning voice he said “You saw nothing…” I was mortified

But at the same time i said “Y-You killed the captain!” he walked up to me and said “You wouldn’t want anyone to know that right?” i gasped i could lightly see his augmented robotic eyes beatifully reflecting the green of his suit lights, i tried to get him away but he grabbed my hand and said, “tsk tsk are you really this stupid? pff you could not even touch me!” while in the dim lights of maintenance i was completely overpowered

“so how is it going to be?” he said with a harshly voice, i gasped and said “what do you mean?” at that moment he flipped his helmet out of the way revealing a beatifull man, i looked into his eyes and saw my worldview break, “how could such a beatifull man work for the syndicate?” i thought to myself i started to doubt nanotrasen at that moment, and i knew i could no longer trust my life to a corporation that hid such beatiful treasure from me, the thinking of this prohibited romance started to corrupt my mind

I desired that romance the thrill of dating a member of the syndicate but right as he noticed my love crazed look on my face he looked disinterested, “pff you are just like all theothers, so maybe try proving yourself to me…” he leaned in for a kiss and i kiissed him sealing our new corrupted love

By Drew James

please never do this again

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i will do it again dont worry

Next one will be admin X reader

will delete your account if you post and admin x reader fanfic

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if i dont put any actual admins of the server is it gucci?


:broken_heart: ok no admin x reader then

when will we get a nice christian fan fiction about a group of ERTs simply landing on station and killing syndies

A group of erps landing on station and killing my faith in humanity

Please, for everyone’s sake, stop.

Attraction isn’t even spelt correctly.

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Neither is nukular.


Fuck, this joke is as old as I am



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