Now that the dust has settled vol.3

What did we think of traitor gimmick objectives?
Could you conceive of the same being done with other antags?

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yes, and ive planned objective expansion packs for job-specific tator ones, wizards, blood bros, incursions, lings, and malf ai’s


I feel like aside from Round Ending Gamemode antags(Revs, Cults, Nuke Ops) this should absolutely be expanded to lings, wizard, incursion, etc.

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Haven’t had the chance to try em yet, pain but i’m glad that Axel is gonna expand it even more

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Now I want to see an actual LXM gimmick objective for benos.

“Clean the station at all costs.”

I think its great.

Now increase Wiznerd spawn weight.

Someone needs to make a maid outfit for the xeno queen


You’ll be delighted to know there already is an LXM sprite for the queen.


Ling gimmick objective: Make sure there are X number of people turned into X

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