Now that LRP is having decent amount of players

Now that LRP is having a proper established and having a high pop amount (Twice as much as before). Can we please not murderbone them and show them a proper greeting. I’d like us to also enforce proper rules. For example my arse got noted for giving out aa to my boy marshall as cap.

teach these mrp shitters that LRP ain that bad and make them join the dark side of beestation(LRP)


Wdym giving out aa every round should be punishable (maybe after the round tho)

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beating up players for the species they play and handing out AA to valid hunters and antags is the worst part of LRP. If that doesn’t happen, it’s actually the best server to play on.

Play command more if you want things to improve and hand out demotions to shitters and also fucking ahelp self antag losers :flushed:

LRP had a greenshift, once. I was there as a CMO, it was actually good and everyone was having fun.

mfw people socialised more on an lrp greenshift than an mrp one
mfw i loved every second of it

Imagine not obtaining AA by yourself like a big boi and having it to be handed to you like a lil boi

Edit: I want to add that i NEVER seen such cooperation and teamplay until in LRP all the tiders want to get the AA. everyone patiently waits their turn, and cooperates against cap or whomever oposes


your a furry ERP player.
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it’s why LRP is good and it’s for science.


Fur man bad

If validhunting was restricted on LRP, things would be epic.

How would you enforce that though? The definition on if someone is validhunting is already loose af. I have never seen someone get validly killed for validhunting. There should really be a proper definition on what counts as validhunting.

If this were to get adressed I would restrict it to non-sec roles only though.

Getting rid of all restrictions would encourage people not to murderbone.

lrp can do one thing right
if a major threat arrises, lrp will hunt them down with the force of a god
its also where the clown can both be valid but not at the same time

Lrp is fine as is, it plays exactly as you would expect and want it to.
The only place you could improve lrp in is metagangs and the aa distribution. I would like for people to still have aa rush speedruns, but distributing it right after makes it just not fun. I remember i played lrp yesterday and i just found myself sitting in the library until someone started giving aa out. Then i found myself actually competing with others and snatching it afterwards, RUNNING AWAY WITH IT later. Yes, i was lynched. But it was hella fun, and its not like it stopped there. After my death, some other person took the card and booked it. And he was having fun too. For some time at least.

Tldr; lrp fine but metagangs and aa distribution is not epic

“Validhunting makes you valid” is being cut from the rules entirely in the re-do on them. It’s too vague of a rule and the few people that did try to kill others while referencing it were either defending themselves from being killed (already covered by escalation) or defending metafriends who they almost definitely knew were antags while feigning ignorance (Very bad for the game’s health).

Valids in general are enemies of the station and/or the game as a whole; validity exists as a deterrent for doing certain actions. Someone should not be killed for attempting to remove valids from the game, and the valid player may already defend themselves with lethal force in the case of someone else trying to kill them.

Valid-hunters are frequently trespassing as well and may be escalated against appropriately for such as well.

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I would play LRP solely if they changed the move speed to normal levels, it’s stupid everyone runs around like xenomorphs on that shit


NGL, the hyper speed is a major turn-off for me as well. Makes NPCs a complete non-threat too since they still move at the same default speed.

Its not like you need the speed aswell, even with the speed it takes less than a minute to go from a to b uninterrupted. And in fights all that the speed does is make more of a dragged out shitshow where you cant hit your enemy cus hes like a fly going about all over, and you cant shoot him either because he will dodge the bullet. Its easier to just straight up pull sucker punches and or do flashbangs. On a server that is much more combat centered this is awful

No fuck off with bla bla bla default speed. Its slow af, not only for combat, but wearing anything with slowdown will make the game super fucking slow and if someone jumps up on you while wearing it you’re dead because they are faster.

Monkies, benos, scooters/ATVs should get their speed encreased to make them more of a threat


you can already legally valid hunt, you just roll security and then its your actual job;

most people seem to be fine validhunting as assistants by just breaking into sec and becoming defacto validhunters, without the need to actually arrest people

The LRP super high movement speed heavily buffs anything with slowdown, anything that can be spammed, or both. It also heavily nerfs vehicles and stuff like slimes. It’s rather uninteresting to play.

LRPers are casuals since they need speed buffs to beat megafauna

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