NotMegatron banned by HangyPangy

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Not megatron
Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Abuased power to brainwash a person with an objective prohibiting contact with felinids as a non-antagonist; targeted against two big felinid players and overall the last straw in a novel of shitty behaviour as both command and security. Appeal on the forums if you feel like this is unjust. Authorised by Llol and Francium.
Appeal Reason:
I have a vouch now from TG.
It’s been two years. I’ve mellowed out since then, been playing a lot with no issues, manuel and sybil. This ban has been sitting in the back of my head since the day it was applied. I do want to apologize but unfortunately I can’t swallow my pride enough to do so without airing my grievances one last time. There was never any ticket or forum post or conversation of any kind before the ban was applied when there was ample opportunity to do so. From an RP perspective, naevi had no reason to be defending a traitor so fiercely as a brig physician, and I found it abhorrent that a traitor, apparently loyal to the syndicate or whatever, was perfectly happy to be brainwashed out of it.

I didn’t feel comfortable ahelping the situation since one of the players involved was an admin, so I did something stupid. And boy, it was really stupid. And I’m sorry for it.

The lawyer was just doing lawyer stuff, I didn’t have any beef with her.

I’ve gotten better about reaching out to admins before taking things into my own hands. Other than that, I’ve generally gotten less impulsive which is what usually gets me into trouble: I’ve learned that when I’m tired, I act stupid and do things I shouldn’t. Now, I’m not going to harm anybody and there’s nothing wrong with me. And if there was, I’m all better now. I would like to come back inside.

Additional Information:
I love you.


Welcome back ^-^
Make sure to either post a screenshot of your vouch or ask the /tg/ admin to post their vouch here for you.


Banning admin has left the team, looks like you gave auth here <3

Screenshot 2023-01-18 174627


I’ll confirm that I vouch for Megatron. He’s played about 230 hours over the last few months here and has only had one note which was for unrelated behavior to his original ban here. He does a good job of keeping his nose clean in general and I think he’ll do fine coming back to Bee.


Appreciate you, but I am not Megatron.


One more thing. I’m not sure how long logs are kept, and I know this round is super old. If it’s any use I can provide an account of what happened, I remember it pretty vividly. I think Winter was the lawyer and ain’t she an admin now? She could help corroborate.

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You’ve been gone for a while haven’t you? Winter hasn’t been an admin in ages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in game recently and the only place I do see them is on the forums when they make their 50th last post.


Winter is afaik still perma’d ingame thank god


It’s been almost a week now, still no word from @llol111. Hewwo

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hes not banned though
this is a job ban


this is a realy wierd one.
you’ve handled this like server ban, including not playing here at all untill semi-recently.

Personaly, i’d have perferd you actualy be a an active player here to prove you’re not a bad player anymore.

But… you did also fullfill all conditions for geting permanent server bans appealed
so i suppose theres no good excuse not let you try playing sec aswell.
We can always just kick you back out if we regret our decision.

Accepted, dont fuck up.

PS, man this was a long time ago huh?
semi-tempted to let this sit for a month so we can say its a 2 year old ban.