Note severity and expiring system

So the purpose of the notes is to help the admin know if a player has repeated that offense before which is pretty good as a concept however when you get banned and in the ban reason it says has a mountain of notes and that mountain of notes is made of 6 month old notes its getting kinda pointless because notes become more of a burden for player. If you get a note you wont be able to lose it it will stay with you forever and while yes people would say that if an admin would ban you for a 10 month old note then the admin is just autistic i think that it would be better if that 10 month old note would just dissapear .

So i suggest making a system of how severe notes are and when they would dissapear . The system should work like this :
There are 4 types of severity that a note has and those are

Minor note: These notes would be something like overescalation or accidents that kill people and they should expire after 1 MONTH

Medium note: These notes would be something like really big overescalation maybe some self antagging and stuff like that and they should expire after 3 MONTHS

Severe note: These notes should be something like plasma flooding or self antagging and should expire after 6 MONTHS

Very severe note: These notes should be for really shitty things like major self antag major plasma flooding etc etc and should expire after 1 YEAR or be permanent

This is my idea on fixing notes because i think that for the average player notes are a pain because many times before you want to do something sometimes you gotta ask: would that lead in me getting a note.

To answer your question on the note expiry system, we do already have that in place and depending on severity we do have a system that indicates the level of severity. These severity’s really depend on the offence that was committed or if it was a first time offence.

I’d say it is a good suggestion and was well worth bringing it up.