Note for murderboning as a space dragon appeal

CKEY: brother_jeff

Admin’s CKEY: theneogamer42

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both, noted on mrp

Ban Type: knote

Ban Length: its a note

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 3/5/20

Round ID: probably in the 13000s

note Reason: did borderline murderbone and released n2o flood as space dragon with objectives complete

Appeal Reason: im a dragon

Additional Information: space dragons are basically simplemobs, and are antags too, which in the rulings means that i can do whatever i please

incredibly based trialmin bans someone for doing what space dragons do which is murder



was this LRP or MRP? if LRP then this doesn’t seem right

it was on medium role play

i mean props for the prime Ridley RP but if MRP then well i think this is a bit more of a grey area

The basis of this note is because of council rulings, New Rulings, which states that ONLY nuke ops, wizards, traitors with the 2 defined murderbone items, and traitors with hijack or martyr can. It also states that any antag NOT mentioned that doesn’t have martyr or hijack objectives CANNOT murderbone, but if its something without objectives, it can act in the nature of it. This last part DOESN’T apply to space dragons, as they have objectives.

Appeal Reason: im a dragon

This made me laugh harder than it should have

Also while this is outlined specifically in the council rulings as not okay, I have a feeling this is going to go down just like my Ashwalker incident did and space dragons are going to get added to the list. I’m pretty sure space dragons are free to antag however they are able to get away with it.

Edit: Council vote is happening in regards to space dragons and what they can/can’t do to clarify

@TheNeoGamer42 Though I get where you’re coming from, please remove the note. It’ll be written down on the rulings page soon.

@imbruhtop_richblood note removed

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