Note appeal(?)

CKEY: Crazada

Admin’s CKEY: (1st note) bastian0930
(2nd note) ethinus

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Job

Ban Length: a week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):(1st) 2019-09-22
(2nd) 2019-9-14

Round ID: not sure of either

Ban Reason: because I was playing as the eminence, and left without any notice

Killed someone for “vandalism”

Appeal Reason: well ban is over obviously but I just would like the note removed. The reason behind this would be because for some unknown reason my computer decided to kill itself??? I don’t know why or how but I tried to fix it, but it wouldn’t even turn on. Brought it to the shop the next day.
I realize I should have put something on discord but at the time I was in panic since I have stuff on that computer that I can’t lose, and well it wouldn’t even turn on so…panic…apologies for not notifying anyone.

One more so I don’t have to make twoapps

There is a note about killing someone who put grafitti in the chapel and spaced body.

In my defence, he was destroying stuff, breaking windows and throwing glass shards and stuff, I actually got hurt by that. It was for a good like 10-15 minutes, he’d come as leave, as I chased him off every time. Had enough so I killed him. I actually didn’t know Jack shit about medical so I didn’t know you needed a brain? Yeah kinda retarded, but I’ve only ever just brought medkits to people, never touched anything else at that point. Had the body so figured it would be ok.

Additional Information: if there are spelling or any grammar issues or whatever, I’m writing this on my phone. Which i suck at typing with.

I’m pretty sure cock cult was removed so no more needing to leave as the eminence

So I was given approval to do both, since ethnius resigned. Let’s start with the first. If you leave as the eminence with no notice, what’s to say you won’t leave as say the cult master, or the cap? Plus, it’s just a note. The note is staying. Second one. You should have used the weapons you spawn with. You know, the ones that disable? Could have stunned him, and most DEFINITELY not spaced his head. Note ALSO is not leaving. For future people,

ethnius on 2019-09-14 07:07:48 (6985) [note]
As Chaplain, killed someone who was doing graffiti in their chapel.
Proceded to space the brain and lying in their ahelp that he thought a doctor would clone the HEADLESS corpse.


bastian0930 on 2019-09-22 19:02:32 (7296) [note]
Banned from Roles: Abductor, Blood Brother, Cultist, Operative, Revolutionary, Head Revolutionary, Servant of Ratvar, Gangster for 1 week - Left as eminence, did not make a ahelp. Appeal on