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Tried to kill many quickly for maximum efficiency
Banned for trying to kill too many too quickly
Conflict of boning verses accomplishing objective as efficient and definitely.
Conclusion: Bad game design if objective incentivize something not intended for a role

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my dude, if you just go around the halls and DNA sting most people you meet you’ll easily be the ling with most absorbed dna. Litteraly zero murder neccesary.

Not that that you cant kill someone to take their place, thats the whole point of lings, but trying to argue “extract the most dna” encourages you kill evryone on board the station is realy stupid.

Now, all other lings on that other hand… that might make sense.

You know what I just realized? Absorbing and extracting DNA are two different things from what I’m hearing.

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Hmm yes. The “most dna” objectives just requires you to steal dna. You /can/ still absorb people to get that done, but for that specifc purpose your starting dna sting is way better suited.

Damn it! I would have dropped my case in a heart beat if I’d known that thanks for confirming.

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No problem man, we all make silly mistakes sometimes. Espechaly with semantics such as this.


the ling probably could use a little message next to the objective letting you know that you can use dna sting and not murder everyone for their dna.

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This is such a common occurrence/misconception among changeling players that something needs to be done to show the above to them before it becomes an issue instead of after.

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I suggest renaming either one of the abilities to “Genome absorbtion/Genome sting” to create a difference between DNA and a Genome (with one of them refering to someone absorbed and the other to someone you stung) and rewording the ling objectives accordingly