Not megatron player report by gregolry

Title: Not megatron Player Report

CKEY: Gregolry

Your Discord: Gregolry#5574

Offender’s CKEY: Not megatron

LRP or MRP server: MuhRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 6/6/2020

Round Number: 16845

Rules Broken: 5

Incident Description: While sitting in the shuttle as a clown, Mega apparently saw a bag of C4 laying around and decided to plant it as a funny clown prank. The explosion caused the deaths of many and cucked quite a few antag greentexts. Stated post-round in OOC that he thought it wouldn’t kill anyone but himself despite the existence of monstermos.

Additional Information: He cucked my antag green text >:((

I’ll do this one tomorrow.

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you were antag so megatron is actually a hero

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haha, now that’s a funny clown prank


[2020-06-06 03:36:09.364] GAME: Not megatron/(Unfunny Clown) planted C4 on Unfunny Clown at Central Primary Hallway (126, 139, 2) with a 10 second fuse
[2020-06-06 03:38:58.675] SAY: Not megatron/(Unfunny Clown) (DEAD) “that was regular c4” (Central Primary Hallway (126, 140, 2))
[2020-06-06 03:39:41.334] SAY: Not megatron/(Unfunny Clown) (DEAD) “i don’t understand why a single brick of c4 did that much damage” (Central Primary Hallway (126, 140, 2))
[2020-06-06 03:39:47.878] SAY: MalevolentBacon/(Floaty Moonlight) (DEAD) “C4 is strong” (Cloning Lab (92, 90, 2))
[2020-06-06 03:40:37.663] SAY: Not megatron/(Unfunny Clown) (DEAD) “You start planting C4. The timer is set to 10…” (Central Primary Hallway (126, 140, 2))
[2020-06-06 03:40:58.681] SAY: Not megatron/(Unfunny Clown) (DEAD) “maybe my brick of c4 detonated the ones in the duffel” (Gateway (121, 124, 2))