Not a Shark Moderation Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have):


Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have):

Not a Shark#5024

How often are you online to help? (Timezone):

(CET) Usually its based on how busy i am with uni and life, But most days i have enough time for at least two or three rounds in the evening
With how much of my work is relatively mind numbing, its always possible to have an eye on the game while taking notes

What changes, if any, would you bring?:

As i intend to stay in the moderator niche for a good while, till i get my footing at least, the enthusiasm to shake things up is rather limited. While there are a few things that annoy me or that id like to see altered, they would fall in the coders area of expertise

How old are you?:

I am in my early Twenties

Why do you want to be a moderator?:

Simply, beestation is my favorite server. The regualrs are all (mostly) nice people and easy to get along with. Mechanics arent as neutred on other servers and Bee Shuttle jank will always have special place in my heart.
I want to give back to the community, this is best way i can see how.

How long have you been playing SS13?:

Good… never tracked the time. Maybe since early summer? a good six months is a safe bet. I started in CM but the reltive toxcicity drove me away, Later went to para where is fell inlove with medical, And now we are here

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:

About four months now

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:

huh… for book smarts, and how to do my job… 7/10. For robustness and combat? yeah thats a 3 or 2 out of ten

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games):

2/10 I never worked with Bees code, or byond admin tools before. But the will to learn is there

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13:

Yes, I moderated on a popular but basic terraria server, even did temp-admin work from time to time.
Discord moderated on a few RP/PbP servers which are now mostly defuct sadly
Currenty a active moderator on a moderatly sized TTRPG server

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:

Not that i know of

Your strengths:

Fondness for helping people .
Due to personal experince i lay great value in getting everyones side of the story
Always ended up as class representive so liasing with people of authority or motivating others is something thats i have gotten some experince with

Your weaknesses:

As a type one diabetic my bood sugar tends to affect my mood greatly, resulting in increased crankyness
Self doubt and general evasiveness when dealing with critque and reprimands in written form
I tend to get distracted by IRL things a lot
I fell bad about making people upset, so i might go to easy on those who require admin sorting out

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?:

The usual three: Rascsim, Sexsim, Homo(or other)phobia.
Refusal to listen, or to even atempt to cooperate or make an effort to resolve an issue.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?:

Patience, and a whole lot of it.
The ablilty to handle tickets without bias. (even if it concerns friends)
The ability to properly work in a team

What makes a staff team good?:

Team work makes dream work. Communication needs to be active and open. Unplesant topics will have to be adressed, hard work has to be done. Else it just builds up
Solid guidelines and rulings, nothing is worse than being told one thing is fine then getting yelled at by another admin for said thing.
Openess about issues and understanding that everyone makes mistakes, so its fine to show some leniancy

What is a staff team’s purpose?:

Ensure the server/rounds is functional while monitoring and removing problematic aspekts (sometimes even from their own ranks)
Ensuring the game stays fun and can remain a place for people to spend their time and unwind from their IRL duties

What kind of player are you?:

Solid CMO main. but due to policy this will become MD or Paramedic most likely. Due to playing on lowpop hours and lowpop server, i have a basic grasp of all departments, enought to keep a station going. Just not very efficently.
While command is a favored role, My characters tend to be quite hands on, Either helping with the station goal/operating Personally. Yet the best aspect of head roles will always be teaching. Taking your time in letting others learn the game, being nice and actually being able to Roleplay while doing so. and them repaing you in kind is one of the best aspects.
also great way to make new friends

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?:

Ill defently play less and ghost more, and will have to stop playing as command so much.
Will proablly get adminbused a lot more

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:

First, See if the clown is and antag. If yes, all clear (ic issue). If not? we see if the clown had previous interactions with the Hos (maybe the hos briged them for slipping?) If it followed proper escelation all clear.
Was it out of the blue? While Clowns are permitted some leway in pranks, they are still somenone who wants to keep their job. This warants a Bwoink for further investigation. Being charged for grand larceny is not keeping your job.
Id check the note history in any case and apply one for the incident. If bad history of such behaivior already exists im inclined for a small clown/mime ban so they can read the rules again.
For the gun? Possibly send a CC massage annocing that a high risk item has been located at X. That way the antags/sec/random tider have to hurry to get it first. Its a nice IC way to handle it instead of just teleporting it or subtle PMing the hos, even though those options will be preferable with low sec or high chaos rounds

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:

Observe for a moment. a-Frezze or a-Jail them the moment they get anywhere near a public area with that can.
As the other admin is handling the clean up id focusing on asking what they where doing. What was the intent? Its clear that they dont seem new, so the hours and notes have to be investigated. Low hours but profficent in atmos anyway? Likely a evader/griefer
If they fail to give proper justification, if any, for their action, a perma ban is likely
Id consult with the admin handling the clean up first.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

As a CMO main, cry.
THis happens nearly everyother round and is certainly a IC issue. If the round is slow and there is nothing better to do, id observe, see what they are up to.
Newbie chemst? sublte PM to inform them about the wiki and mhelp funtions. Maybe bug the CMO to help them
Person mass producing meth? annyoing but still a IC issue.
Pot + Water as a non antag, with a pile of beakers and grenade casings nearby? That warants keeping an eye on them for potential grief/validhunting

Posting this before going to sleep. Im sorry if there are any spelling/grammar/formatting errors


We return for your weekly episode of The Question Show

  1. A bright red line pops up in admin logs talking about Telemetry Alerts, and links a player panel. You open the player panel, and there are bright red lines talking about banned account matches. What do you do?

  2. The server is lagging very hard. An adminhelp comes in from a regular player, telling you to halt the Garbage controller, and outlines the steps to do so. What do you do?

  3. You’re reading through the Library on the website, and you notice a new book pop up at the top. You click on it to read it, and it’s The Lusty Xenomorph Maid. You jump to the player, and they have disconnected several minutes prior. What do you do?

  4. A traitor geneticist ahelps that he randomly died due to a bug as he threw his objective’s brain into the supermatter, asking for an aheal. You examine his corpse and the brain is missing. What happened, and what do you do (both as a mod and as a full admin)

  5. Prayer comes in: “God, do your worst”. For the sake of the question assume you are a full admin. What do you do?


These are mean.

  1. Either a evader or a accidental ckey/ip merge
    The later is a know issue that can happen rarely, though 9 times out of 10 its evasion.
    Due to being unfamiliar with byond for now, id check if there are admins online who might be more suited to handle the issue or to give a few pointers on what to do.
    Then see how old the account, how proficent they are. Do they immidiatly ask to become an atmos tech? Rdm, tiding, murder. Any of those would be confirmation of this being an evasion account and warant a perma ban.
    After waiting a bit, consider bwoinking them if there was no imidiate bad behavior, lettimg them know that they are being monitored.

Fland moment?
With regular i presume a trusted player who has many hours.
First, send a quick reply thanking them for the suggestion and mention that ill investegate the source of the lag.
Did somebody build a lag machine? Funny sm setup the results in a 100% time dilation (again)? Try to disable those if they exist
Disposals can only really lag the server if theres a absurd amount of items on the loop. So stopping the
Conveyor should be a good idea, from there items can be deleted of the band.
If it is the disposals loop, then sure, I’d follow the regulars instructions to sort out the issue (unless they are clearly counterproductive)

  1. If i remember correctly there’s a bug that doesn’t allow us to easily delete books from the index.
    So in this case unlist if possible.
    The rules on this are clear. Any Erp of any kind warants a permanent ban.
    Ill make sure to write the reason for the ban and that they can appeal on the forums in their ban message
    Due to the severity of the no erp rule, this will fall into the purview of full admins from here on.

  2. This actually seems like a bug. While the SM dusts your brain if you touch it with telekenesis, throwing something into it should be safe (it being little more than a stylish normal throw).
    A aheal here is warranted

  3. Depends on the job.
    Normal crew? “Honk” and turn them into cluwne for a while
    Hop? Teleport ian into a hidden but safe part of the station
    Captain? Hmmmm… maybe a brain trauma that makes them say nya from time to time
    CE? Give poly sentience and loudspeaker enabled headset, may the gods mercy on anyone tuned into general comms.
    Sec? Delete all donuts

I hope these answers are sufficent. Sorry for the wait

post hours
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Alrighty, here you go
424h alive, 31 hours dead/ghosted
I think thats all? Or do you need my job hours?

nah thats good
Thanks gamer

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  1. Good, although you do still need auth for evasion bans if it’s not an obvious large scale griefer.
  2. This was a trick question. The Garbage controller does not control disposals, it controls objects getting deleted. It’s very important that you don’t touch admin buttons if you don’t know what they do and haven’t asked someone who does know what they do, doubly so if it’s a controller, triply so if a non admin just asks you to do it.
  3. Once again, if it’s not an obvious large scale griefer, you need auth to place a server ban of longer than three days, otherwise good answer.
  4. This is intended behavior, and an aheal should not be given. If someone asks for an aheal, you should always carefully investigate it before deciding on giving one.
  5. Cluwning is practically a round removal, so I’d caution against it. Additionally, a nya trauma is rather LRP, bordering on netspeak.

Tough questions but I’m satisfied that any issues can be resolved in training. +1

I get a lot of people that get angry and call me things like the nword or a rapist because I bwoinked them for doing something dumb because they definitely didnt read the rules at all. Sometimes people just straight up refuse to cooperate because they think the admins are straight up targeting them for whatever reason.

These things happens maybe 30/40% of the time for me, and you note that they make you mad, do you think you’ll be able to stay in control of yourself and give a fair response / action?

Nevermind that those usually end up being long or perma bans almost every time, lol

As I’ve noted in other admin apps, I like to ask questions about tickets I’ve handled before, to get an idea of what others think should have been done. Here are a few tools we have as admins, just to give you an idea of some of the things you have to work with:

  • Admin jail
  • bwoink
  • Subtle Message
  • Headset Message (allowing them to receive it from Centcomm or Syndicate)
  • Make someone stub their toe ​
  • Command Report (which can be selected to only show up for command, or the entire station)
  1. A member of the community gets a lot of shit and mildly bullied by many folks, for what amounts to no real reason. What would you do? Should you do anything? Would you talk to them?

  2. A super cute, blind and paraplegic cat girl gets pushed out of her wheelchair repeatedly by an assistant, and the chair gets stolen for half the round, would you do anything?

  3. Same as above, but it is a security officer. There are both a Warden and a HoS on duty.

Small adendum.
Sorry i was not aware of the admin buttons in that regard, and yes id be quite hesitant to touch any button i have no knowledge of
As for the bans im sorry i assumed that i went without saying that admin auth would be required, ill be more carefull in the future
Assumed to last question to be a joke question, (cause who woul pray that??) Ill try to be more serious
My apologies

You would be surprised what kind of prayers you will receive.

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Yeah, im on the ss13 reddit… some people post their ahelps, and with the tone those tend to have theres no wonder the got banned.
As for outrigh abuse directed it me i can take it, if it goes against others, thats another matter

Tought nut to crack.
First, the technical stuff. We check the recent say logs. Have they insulted the other players in some way? Where they called out a antag and are getting teased for it? Despite what one tend to observe, people rarely do things like this for no reason. If its nonetheless not missbehavior on the players part, its important to find out the ringleader/leaders of the bullying. also take a moment to wonder what people who lakie this are doing on a 18 plus server.
If there is a ringleader, actively carrying out a grudge or similar, observe to get a feeling for their motive. At this points id also give the bullied player a sublte PM that the offending parties actions are being investigated ( no need to give them a heart attack with a bwoik) and ask for their side of the story.
If its truely a shitter or a group of them, a direct investigation bwoinking them) will be unlikely to get me reliable information. Wait and observe, are they roleplaying? if its a group, are they coodinating without ever talking? Possibly meta comms.
After gaining information through observation, talking to the victim, talking to the offenders, rewieing the bans and notes of everyone involved for smiliar behavior id be ready to make my judgement.

Yet in the strange case that literally random people go out of their way to mess with them… the logs need to be more carefull examined. 100+ people dont just develop a hateboner for one person unless they are whiped up into a mob or said person has done something to attract a lot of attention.
Subtle Pm and and warn them of a comming bwoink, then beginn asking them why people might be behaving like that. See if their story checks out with the logs
Are they command that refuses to their job? Did they spamm copy pastas earlier, are they the clown. are they a known griefer who got away unscathed a previous round.
Also once again as offending players as well as anyother staff members who might be online at the time if they have any notable input.

If none of this applies? Lose good chunck of my faith in humanity, see if cas join the round as assistant and try to Cheer them up. Friendly RP, teach them a low risk job. Get their mind of things

send a deathsquad to return the wheelchair
Observe, Is this an ahelp? Is the asstant and antag? IC issue. if not? Investigate the assitants notes and ban history, observe but take no further action. Things like these are normally handled by security and should be resolved in a IC manner as much as possible.
While they are fleeing or sitting in brig, make sure to look at the say look to see if this is the result of a earlier IC altercation.
Do they then return to harars the felinid again after being briged or having evaded sec?
This feels either like a grude or somebody having their fun with an easy victim. at this point
Wait for them to reach relatively safe area and send a quick bwoing asking why they are targetting this person in particular.
If they have good reasoning? Did they make at least an atempt at RP?(sometimes people want RP school bullies i guess) did said felinid get on their bad side in a pervious round? None the less reminf them of our servers rules, espcially of rule 7 Bee Excellent to Each Other. if they show understanding, ad a shortlived not and sent them on their way, but check up on them from time to time
Refusal to understand that a rulebreak occured or that their actions should at least be based in some sort of rp will result in a short timeout(1 day at most) so they have time to read our rules again

Sec tends to be held to a higher standart, and should always at least try to follow the intent of space law. While being a bit of a dick, and maybe tripping up a filthy rabit mutant catgirl to do som donuts in hr wheelchair will raise no eyesbrows, repeated attacks like this a are a clear sign of shitcurity.
To handle it ICly, use the headset message to let the Hos know of the officers misconduct if the affected parties or bystanders dont raise the issue. Defently add a minor note. If a history of similar behaivor exists, Bwoink the officer and tell them off in no uncertain terms, making it clear that the next issue of this type will result in a escelated punishment
Bad ticket conduct and refusal to understand that they did infact break server rules will be meet with a short security ban.

good, its late again. time to sleep

My mistake on #1, I should have specified it wasn’t just ingame :slightly_smiling_face:

#2 has a good line of reasoning

#3 As well, I would also ask the security officer something along the lines of, “why are you picking on a member of the crew that you are supposed to be protecting and helping?”

I’m not going to base this on the answers to my questions because obviously I am biased, but based on your answers to Leo, I am also going to +1


Question time!

  1. You get an ahelp saying that the virologist has released a deadly virus on the station. You check the virus and confirm that it was made by the virologist. Checking the virologist, you notice they are an antag with one steal and one kill objective, and must escape alive. What do you do?

  2. A debtor is given a permanent sentence for murdering and cremating another player. They ahelp that they were not given a trial before being sentenced. What do you do?

  3. Someone ahelps that the warden has killed the clown for killing Walter, and has taken the clowns body, putting it into an evidence locker. You contact the warden and they confirm the story. Checking the clown, you see that they are not an antagonist. What do you do?

-Is the virus actually deadly? Ive seen lube viruses get called deadly.
-how deadly? Type of transmission?
A lethal virus that spreads by blood and is directly injected into the target is fairgame. And spreading from this will be slow and fairly easy to contain by competent medical/janitorial staff.
Airborne but only annoying? Hope it does not mutate but otherwise fair game, as a vaccinated viro will be hard to catch while sec is locked in coughing fits.
Airborne/Macrophages and lethal? This is murder bone, as viruses like this can often infect and kill large parts of the station.
From here, the standart steps apply: Check notes for similar behavior, PM and kindly ask for an explanation,then (considering their ticket conduct, reasoning and notes) apply punishment if any.
First or second time should be given a note, after further infractions id say that a short antag/jobban would be resonable
Consult with admins if ban lenght excedes three days.

To quote spacelaw
“Trials may be performed for Capital Crimes and Permanent Detention, however there is no requirement to hold them”
-have a look at the debtor. Antag Y/N?
If Y, theres no need to intervene, though id consider headset messaging the laywer (if they are unaware of the fact) if the shift is slow. This would give them, sec and the debtor somthing to do other than waiting for the round to end
If N, well, investigate. Why did they kill them, did it follow proper escalation
Ask the cremated party for their input, where they trying to kill the debtor?
Consult the arresting officer.
While doing perma worthy crimes is considered self antag, this may be mitigated if ut esecelated correctly/was consentual. If not follow the standart steps outlined in 1.

(Make the warden stub their toe, bad warden)
This is overescalation.
While the clown is supposed to play pranks to enterain the crew, most people use it as an excuse to be dicks.
Killing station pets is not a very funny prank, and feels mean spirited. Ask them to please think of other pranks. (Even goes as far as adding a note if the did this to multiple pets for little reason)
As for the warden, while i do understand their action, it is a clear violation of escelation policy. Id even considet this prime murder.
Tell them nicely, but firmly, that this is not okay! The clown must be revived. From there check the wardens history, is this the first offense? Ad a note (maybe even a red one ) and make it clear that another case like this will result in a job ban(consulted with admins).
Then inform the hos/captain/a officer on what happend and that the warden should be arrested. Possibly make a command report about the clowns body in the locker, to let some part play out ic?
OOC action will have to be taken in any case.

  1. Good. Viruses on the station can be dangerous, even the ones that are considered a ‘nuisance’. In this case, releasing a deadly virus that kills, for a single kill and steal objective, would not be permitted.

  2. The main focus here is that they are not entitled to a trial, though we encourage players hold trials if able to. If their permanent sentence was justified, punitive action would not be warranted. Good answer.

  3. In this case, the warden acted in bad faith in regards to both the server rules and the SOP. Though the clown committed a crime, the warden overstepped with their actions. The captain or acting - captain is the only one that can authorize an execution (unless there is a trial and the acting Captain is unable to or unwilling to authorize an execution). The warden hiding the body in the locker is the biggest flag here, this is essentially a round removal. Players who take security roles need to be aware of not just the server rules, they need to pay attention to SOP and Space Law. IC punishment can be good, but in cases with gross misconduct, OOC consequences should be issued. Good.

I would like to see how you do, as a moderator. +1

T: +3

T: +2

You don’t seem to have a very good grasp of english and your ingame behavior isn’t all that great. I feel as if community administrators or moderators should be held to a higher standard; which from what I’ve observed; you fail to meet.

Ouch that hurts

While understand your concerns, please understand that i am fluent in english and german, just somewhat dyselexic. Sorry if my communication has been suppar.
As for your second concern, i belive that this is the the result of poor communication (on my part) in a recent ticket.
As we have not interacted to often up until now, i would like to use the this as a opportunity to show i can do better.

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Not to peanut, but we already have had multiple admins with English not being their primary language*, so this seems somewhat of a non-issue. There can be noticeable awkward grammar at times but they are still given the same respect.

*(llol when he’s not in #announcements, wueue, autisme…etcetera)

I have not met this person before, so I can’t comment on their behavior.


Really? In that case, my main character is Milly, if we do get to meet ingame i hope we do get along splenditly!

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Don’t worry, I am haranguing the other admins to chip in on your app :slightly_smiling_face:

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