Not_a_Shark Admin Report - Timtoom ticket disagreement

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Incident Description:
During this round ghost control was offered for various station pets. The mime (Timtoom) was a traitor with objectives to kill a Botanist, steal an item, and escape.

From what I saw mime used the invisible .38 to:

  • Shoot the clown (for asking for pie from kitchen) all the way into crit
  • Shoot Runtime, for standing on the kitchen counter and meowing (literally a one hit death)
  • Gibbed Runtime after the cook attempted to find a lazarus but failed
  • Kill the cook (for witnessing mime gibbing runtime) and then ALSO gib him
  • Possibly attack more unrelated people to their objectives, look into that.

During this time, the mime did not emote anything or attempt any kind of RP. This seems to be an egregious abuse of antag status to grief, killing and attacking random players with 0RP is not something we should just let go on a warning. Said player did not receive any type of ban and then cryod after being brigged without ahelping (this part was handled).

I don’t think this player was interacting in good faith at all, and while giving the benefit of the doubt they should still receive some type of punishment for majorly breaking antag conduct, 0RP, and round removing people unrelated to their objectives for no reason, (again, with 0RP, which could excuse this). Using mime as an excuse to not do RP is not cool.

My ahelp was closed without any sort of message (it should’ve been marked as resolved), which is fair enough considering I was adminned at the time and could see anyway, but many other tickets just the “close” action was used, generally admins should use Resolve when possible as it informs the player.


I observed this round, the weird mime chef hybrid didn’t emote at all, but he did speak a few times, then he was arrested normally and instantly, on arrest, SSD’d and was placed into cryo at Ian’s (yea the dog) request.

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Are you reporting the admin for not resolving the issue or not telling you it was resolved? I’m confused

I don’t think the right action was taken in this case.


Hello kat

(it should’ve been marked as resolved)

No, tickets involving antagonist action or conduct can and usually are closed to avoid revealing meta information
You are not entilted to know the outcome of a ticket.
The mime has been talked to.

Players are not entitled to know the outcome of any individual ticket, and admins are not required to share the outcome beyond marking a ticket appropriately.

From my interpretation of this it means a Resolved/Rejected/IC/MHelp is allowed. Marking it as Closed does not inform the user the ticket was handled, it just silently closes the ticket. I personally have no problem with this as I could see the ticket but for the majority of tickets they should be informed some way or they might be led to believe their ticket was ignored.

To clarify for this report, I am not sure that a “talking to” was fitting in this case due to the sheer amount of unrelated kills the mime made.


Marking it as IC if he was an antag wouldn’t cause that much of a problem of meta information. Like the player can only guess one thing if the guy is doing antagonist shit he’s either an antag or a grieffer, and knowing if he’s an antag doesn’t change much on what you know since he already revealed himself by doing antag stuff.

Alrighty time to resolve this. I have looked into the logs and overall @Not_a_Shark could have been a bit harsher in regards to said player. Especially also because they weren’t very helpful/cooperative in the ticket.

Not_a_Shark has been made aware of that now, and to be harsher in the future when someone doesn’t intend to follow our rules.

Marking the ticket as closed instead of IC when dealing with antagonist related tickets is perfectly valid. Obviously letting the player know that the ticket has been resolved is preferable but in cases where one might think that metagaming is going to happen then it is fine to close the ticket.

Thank you for the report!