Nonood Banned by Admin Francinum

CKEY: nonood

Admin’s CKEY: Francinum

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? LRP

Ban Type: Job

Ban Length: Permanant

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-09-30 00:26

Round ID: 21992

Ban Reason: AUTH Crossedfall // Uploaded actively pornographic books to the library.

Appeal Reason: Considering that I have made a huge mistake by not knowing what Adult type of book can be published as curator, I have broken the rule number 2. I do not actively publish the adult book, however, I did publish one book that were considered violation of rule number 2.

Additional Information: I am alright with not having approved as stated at Rule number 2, Unappealable, but I want to give a shot anyway. I swear I will not publish a Adult book type again, Regardless of job type.
Edit: My respond may be slow because I’m slightly more busy than I should.

Actually bans for that kind of stuff are appealable once.

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This is my first time to appeal and get the permaban type actually. I have been 1-week job banned once on security department for throwing IED into groups of tanks of weld fuel that were for sell. no appeal were made.

I’m sort of scared now, as I was not aware how much is too much on adult section of the books.

Anything remotely sexual gets you a ban. The adult section is probably for hand holding and memes.
Youll be fiiiiiiiiiine. You understand that what you did was wrong, you actively admit it, and you have no previous history of it. Admins will give you the slip as per our policy.

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Oh. I see. No serious adult theme. I really should have mentioned that I have posted lewd book once.
Thanks! =D

Erotic bad is the case really

I assigned this ban as part of a database purge with @Crossedfall, I’m going to consult with him as I don’t exactly remember the offending material you were responsible for, or the exact policy around it.

Posting any sort of erotic content is a massive no-no.

I’d have to wait on Crossedfall to see what exactly the material was also to make any judgement.

Crossed has appealed a reduction. The ban will be lifted on the 30th.