Niteki9813 and Tunebread Player Report

CKEY: Smujge

Your Discord: Smujge#8907

Offender’s CKEY: Niteki9813, Tunebread

Offender’s In-Game Name: Daniella Garland (That was Niteki’s IC name, unfortunately I don’t remember what Tunebread’s was)

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY):07-07-2022, 07-09-2022, 07-12-2022

Round Number: Round 39,171 for Niteki9813, and rounds 39,152 and 39,238 for Tunebread

Rules Broken: Rule 11

Incident Description: The above ckeys in the report are owned by the same person. I believe they’re alts for a ban evader.

Additional Information: Recently I have noticed incredibly strange parallels between three players on separate ckeys, the two before mentioned and the recently permabanned griefer (their ckey was firewalldragon, IC name was Janie Hincken) I did not include their ckey in the report since they’ve already been permabanned, but if you want to investigate their behaviours as well, they were banned during round 39,338.

All ‘three’ of these players have been xenobiologists on accounts with very low hours, and I have seen all three of them pull some NRP shit alongside general toxicity, often blatantly calling people tiders, metafriends/gangers, threatening admin intervention, etc.

For what it’s worth all three of them run as generic, probably randomly generated human female statics, while often going for the same gimmicks/extracts within xenobio. Notably often obtaining the warping rainbow extract, becoming a slimeperson, and leaving slimes all over xenobio as a deterrent for any non-slime people trying to enter. Warping rainbow is one of the more tedious extracts to obtain so it’s unusual how so many low hour accounts know how to do this.

Here are some images for reference that I’ve gathered:
Evader 1
Evader 2


All of the round IDs and dates I have provided in the report were rounds where either Niteki9813 or Tunebread had been banned. I was directly involved in two out of the three rounds listed, round 39,152 being the exception, but it may warrant an investigation anyway for similar behavior.

Unfortunately I do not have the round ID for the screenshots where Daniella Garland/Niteki9813 says some rather unflattering things to me, but I do know that it was the Sage round prior to the one that they were banned by Megaddd, that round being 39,171.


Oh I forgot to add, I don’t believe I have seen any of them in the same round together.

could be anybody

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It could even be… the same person on all three accounts!

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I’ll process this report

I remember banning this guy, a xenobiologist. I’ll look into this.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get in touch with these accounts.

I gave a thorough look at them, and at their behaviour during rounds.

Every one of them had low hours, good game-knowledge, terrible IC and OOC behaviour, and a lot of notes/bans. This is very suspicious.

I have also noticed some weird similarities in the say logs of the accounts.

However, this wasn’t enough to establish a definitive connection between them.

I cannot go into the specifics of how I came to this conclusion, as I fear they could get exploited by evaders :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

I have read niteki’s logs for this round. 0RP behaviour, and rather toxic attitude.

However they were already banned by megadd the round after this one, as you said.

I cannot take immediate and direct action, but we’ll keep a very close eye on them. Thank you for reporting this :muscle: :+1:

Report processed.