Nik735 perm banned v2

ckey nik735

I was perm banned. I sent a gif of a cat shitting cuz it was funny, then bloons community removaled me. can yall unban me, I never cared to ask until now. the other perma ban I had was also a “accidental ban” so I really have not ever been justifiably perm banned.

well u seem to be good player and bans were accidental so yes

appeal accepted


Well, here’s the real ban reason, but you’ve also got like half a year yet, and you gotta be packing a reputable server voucharino

I remember seeing this ban when it happened! Now I know what it was about. :poop:

Crow’s right, the perma-bans are something you can appeal after a year. I don’t know if there are exceptions to that in your case.

You’ve got a lot of time to get that vouch, though. A month or so on a server without getting banned should be easy! It’s a good chance to get more robust on more codebases.

I was admin for white sands and oasis
I was not banned from any server since

idk why I would need a vouch this was related to sending messages on the forums
and he banned me in the game. I never really had any meaningful bans, only ones I had were from >100 hours

that’s why it says “Come back in a year”, you need a vouch

also it’s not been a year

Reputable forum vouch


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You’re literally literal too literally.

why are you making it harder on yourself to get unbanned


white sands had all the mantis station ppl leave they made oasis jannies jannies on their server to try to save it. I ditched the server once I realized they didn’t even have the backbone to ban a person who admitted to being a groomer meth addict.

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