Nidiquny banned by gaysaten

Admin’s CKEY:
@GaySatan @Haliris
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
perma appeal on forums. auth’d by haliris. VERY bad say logs. not an appropriate way to speak to other people on beestation. admitted to not knowing they couldn’t crit ssd players as antag, and also very robust for an account with low hours.
Appeal Reason:
I am sorry, I was a dick and think I have cooled down since then, played mostly fulp since then. Not sure what the robust part has to do with anything so I have nothing to say to it. Anyways sorry and I wont do it again!
Additional Information:

I will look at this tomorrow

You were banned not just for being unfriendly, but because all your interactions with other characters weren’t IC, but OOC, which coupled with your profile made you look like an evader.

I must ask, what experience are you looking for while playing on Bee?

I am not sure to be exact, I got tired off playing lrp and hrp while somewhat enjoyable felt pretty… too slow liking. So something in the middle, which is what bee is trying to achieve I presume. (I dislike the direction fulp has taken but I dont want to bad mouth another server here)

I’m willing to give you a second chance, but I’m not convinced you’d be a good fit for the server yet.

Tell me what character you’d play for your first few rounds, motivation + some traits nothing too fancy. Make a small effort that shows me that you would roleplay with others on Bee.

One week bump, I’ll leave this open for a few days @nidiquny

My bad didn’t notice the reply. Currently I would like to play a stuck up Hop who wants people to stick to the sop to a t (aka botany not doing drugs, making sure chef is doing his job etc)


Ok let’s give this a try, I’ll lift this. We all look forward to the cool RP you will bring to rounds I’m sure.