Nick dorito banned?

Nick dorito has been appearance banned despite having had the name for over 6 months at a minimum.

Should nick dorito be appearance banned
  • No, its fine
  • Yes, its not ok

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It’s unfortunate that this ends up happening, but someone having a name for a long period of time does not make it valid.

it is somewhat annoying to have to change your characters name after playing for 500 hours with it especially when its a very mild refrence

Like I said, I won’t disagree with that.
But just because you’ve had the name for a long period of time does not magically make it fit within the naming policy.

i can break these cuffs


why are u acting like ur opinion is objective. bc other admins agree?

What do you mean by this?

doritos aren’t a thing on space station 13. it’s just a name


it’s not even a pun either. maybe he just liked the name dorito

they are trying to say you shouldn’t be ambiguous with your opinion and wait for the one person who isn’t to define it

i mean idk. obviously the consensus between the admins isn’t there bc he had the name for 6 months… i just don’t get what happened that deemed this name rp inappropriate?

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chuckles I’m in danger.
I’m kinda surprised an admin actually went after something so tame as Dorito in terms of RP-friendly names

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You are expected to not make your name a reference to something.
As I’m sure you’re well aware of, doritos is a brand of chips.

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ok u called me out for my hostility but… this argument is literally like a bag of doritos. full of air THANK U I’M HERE ALL NITE

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@Tyranicranger4 change your name


Okay I’ll be honest that made me chuckle, I did not expect that.

Really doesn’t change the fact doritos is a well known brand of chips.
While paulson is a name, and a lesser known brand.

wow. i am srry for calling u a denny’s dumpster baby

Wait, the same Nick Dorito that when he rolls Captain and announces ‘Nick Dorito’, sometimes the admins will make a CC announcement replying ‘Nick Dorito’? That Nick Dorito got name-banned? What was the change that made this suddenly-forbidden? It clearly isn’t a case of this only just now being found out.

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to be fair lizard names also completely reference real life stuff and arnt contested also moth names

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Is Nick Dorito a good name?
  • No
  • Also no

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