New ways to attack people!

Blanket: toss a blanket over somebody blinding them and slowing them down.

Spit: Spit at people, giving them a mood debuff: if you aim for eyes and roll a small percentage, you blind them until they wipe spit from their eyes

PBJ and a baseball bat: Upon eating a jelly sandwich, your attacks with baseball bats are increased for the next 60 seconds

Thrill of the hunt: Achieving your goals as an antagonist will give you a massive mood buff “I have achieved my goal!” Only 1 time use per objective.

Killing people as an antagonist also provides a mood buff

Killing people as an antagonist also provides a mood buff


No no no.

Killing people as an antagonist with honorable death objective also provides a mood buff


why no? at least specify

traitors already have a positive moodlet for being an antag

No because one encourages going for your objectives and the other one rewards murderboning. The antags that can murder without penalty already dont care about mood

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Because murderbone is cring

I think using spit as mood debuff is OK but serves no purpose other than annoying people, what would be spit radius for it to hit people? because it sounds really dumb a person to spit more than a tile away and snipe someone’s eye

*spit *clap *spin *flip *fart