New Syndicate Items

Hello, fellow Beeple. I think there should be more items added to the upload. Here are some of my ideas for items that those tricky Syndicate members could use to create more interesting antag behavior.

Name of the item:
Race/Job locked:
What it looks like:
What it does:

  1. False Husk
    Probably 1 or 2 TC as it’s more a small misdirection not a round-defining item
    This item would look like a grey monkey cube when spawned in.
    When used in hand, this item pops up with a dialog box with an option for race and sex. Choosing one spawns a husk of those characteristics that seems to have a soul. Make them think there are 'lings about. Distract medical and waste their time and resources. Fake your own death.

  2. Faraday Implant
    5 TC
    IPCs Only
    It’s an auto-implant injector
    Implanting this item prevents an IPC from taking damage from one EMP burst, then goes on a cooldown before it can be used again. It doesn’t protect items on your person, only your own components.

  3. Invisible Paint
    4 TC
    Any (Mine should get a discount because Invisible things is part of their gag)
    It looks like a spray can but with no pixels where the top is.
    Using this item on another object, either in hand or the world, turns the transparency of the world sprite of an object to 100% transparent. It doesn’t work on player mobs.

I Had some more ideas but I wanted to write at least these down sooner rather than later.


I don’t see this ending well.

this sound absolutly horrible.

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mfw the 20 invisible bombs across the station detonate with us having no way of knowing they were ever there


A chameleon spray would actually be neat, setting them to 70-80% transparent


It does and i love it

SM shard


Invisible Paint is unnecessary.

Its just taking basically a single power out of the Guide to Advanced Mimery and making it cheaper.

Why go for that over the normal Guide to Advanced Mimery?

  1. Obtain mines, exploding rubber ducks, or other pressure activated explosives (or straight up make signal activated grenades)
  2. Spray said pressure activated explosives with invisible spray that makes things completely invisible.
  3. Drop them anywhere on the station.
  4. Profit
  5. Be lucky to do this once before it immediately gets nerfed or removed
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Pipe bomb - You can send a pipe bomb via mail to your target, (optional) to make this not too OP if your target uses a stethoscope and examines the package a message saying “You hear a clicking sound” appears

Chameleon item - it appears in a form of black crayon and allows you to chamoflage it to specific items like Emag, hand tele, caps spare ID etc… to bait people

invisible bear trap - its a completely transparent bear trap, doesnt deal any damage and slows you down until you remove it from your feet, (optional) if your target has science goggles or diagnostic goggles they can see it

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i got one
Syndicate skateboard
a skateboard with sharpened edges and a magnetic base

hitting someone while doing a kickflip will deal some damage and make you pass trough them.
messing it up or hitting an object wont send you flying but rather only deal stamina damage
it deals extra damage when used as a weapon since its sharpened

kickflip shitsec into submition


.>Cant spell submission properly.

I can see why you made this suggestion.

Someone unfortunately took my idea…


Mfw people dont like invis paint and use examples that can be done at no tc cost anyway with some simple items like smugglers or containers

??? Adv mimery is big wall and finger guns

Does Adv Mimery not have invis box on Bee? I could have sworn it did. Idk i havent used it since before Golden went down.

It doesn’t, but invis box is the “meta” pick for Adv Mimery since it gives you a 3x1 wall already. You could take the invisible chair, but that is a total meme who would ever pick it.

Thats a shame. Oh well.

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