New science job Zoologist

Job description

You get a animal or a few, and experiment on them and see how the animal will ‘adapt’ to its environment, what it was fed or types of experiments it experiences. Catering to only a single or few animals in the experimentation room/machine like the Hyperbolic ‘Time Chamber’, to push it to its extreme turning them into amalgamations or peak power from all experiments.

Each new adaption scanned gives discovery either the same amount or more depending on balance.
Maybe the e.x.p.e.r.i.m.e.n.t.o.r can be redesigned to be bigger?

Adaptation examples

  • Sentience
  • Horns -For charge attacks or style
  • Laser eyes
  • Holy Aura/Divine touch
  • Bigger
  • Regeneration
  • Telekinesis
  • Uncontrollable Farts
  • Damage reduction - To different damage types
  • Shadow clone - Makes a clone with no ability, the animal can control for a limited time 10s?
  • Blur - becomes blurry
  • Iron pooper/Production - Poops iron ore
  • Loud

I want something in science which anyone without a brain can learn and do, to make it more appealing and accessible for newer players to science. To mostly make them feel more included instead dead weight.

Also it’ll be funny when the animal you’ve beaten the shit out of from the experiment, turns on you and poops iron on peoples bodies.


Technically you have robotics, which is pretty easy to learn. The job also just kind of sounds bland, though that’s my opinion personally. Also what exactly does this job give to the station beside discovery points?

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Each new adaption scanned gives discovery either the same amount or more depending on balance.

Discovery is annoying to get and its in bursts for toxins & xenobio and exploration really depends on luck or the mission not something gradual like what I’m suggesting.
Robotics is fun but this is mostly me trying to suggest another way of getting ‘discovery points’ for people still too new to the science and something robotics can do if no one is in science to get discovery.
Lets say Iron Production adaptation, its funny but it also provides iron for the station. It can also help out robotics since the amount of iron they use is absurd when creating a single borg.

This job being another way of getting discovery ain’t bad, like toxins or xenobio where people half the time only do it for the discovery and ditch it after they get all the discovery they can.

TLDR its just a simple easy to understand gradual way of getting discovery for anyone within science.

You should be able to have a mothroach ranch


What reason do we have to believe this won’t just end up being discount Xenobiologist, where people stay in their department for two hours straight and then come out as gods?

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The animal is the one getting adaptations or dies trying to survive not the player.
Whether the adaption is helpful to the station or makes the animal more dangerous is up to the player’s decision and adaptation the animal gets.
Think of Frankenstein and the monster, its the monster that’s scary not the doctor.
But ehh, probably going to be based on what’s added and balancing

Just thinking, you could combo giving animals adaptations with toxins a bit. Or at least pushing them to adapt via different gases on a base creature. Yes this is pretty much xeno bio combined with a bit of SCP-016 but it would at least give more purposes for the gases after getting all the points you can get through explosives. Could even expand this concept to incorporate different combinations of gases, chemicals, and temperatures to evolve it into different forms, or develop certain traits.

Actually while typing this I really like this idea, could be even more interactive than current xenobio. Would also help try to get different departments to work together to get certain chemicals or gases to push evolution to it’s limits. Could even incorporate a genetic aspect to it so you can create custom creatures that could do anything from making organic equivalents to bots, larger dog-like animals that you can order to attack/defend once bonded with someone, and even just recreating lavaland fauna (no mega fauna) that are passive and slowly drop the resources they’d normally drop when butchered (golaiths would slowly grow plates, watchers would slowly create and drop diamonds). This is a major WYCI and a pretty expensive bounty but it would be a very interactive way to do xenobio and even help fix current issues. Like for the genetic machine thing, you’d need synthflesh to grow your creatures giving another use for synthflesh and slowing down the speed you’d be able do to create your monster army (instead of just injecting three slimes and summoning 20 harmful mobs.


I’m just hoping someone really likes the concept and fleshes out the idea and makes it.

I want this. Please give me this. Let me ranch sheep and not just slimes. And let me make the sheep be shearable for carbon nanotubes or whatever.
Please let me give the batsy cat the telekinesis gene.


Just…port Cytology…this is basically just inferior Cytology.

Bring me that spinning lad.

Mmmm, mothroach fried rice


All I gotta say is that this sounds really fun

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