New Mentor?

Your CKEY: bruceu

Your Discord: Bruce U#3177

How long have you been playing ss13?: 7 months

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Moccha

Game Experience (More Detailed): I’d say 8/10, only need to improve on Botany and Xenobio, so I think I am the Boss at this Gym.

Yes 1+

20 character limit


20character limitss

You didnt really say anything, and neither did Moccha.
What do you know about Distro? Space law? Power? Medical? Megafauna? 7 months is really not a long time in terms of SS13 experience, that doesnt give a strong milestone for gauging your experience.

i said i trusted my skills were 8/10 in all departments except in xeno and botany so yea i said alot i know how to play sec warden comand med chem viro engi atmo sci robo ai borg chef bt chap you get the idea, , , , , , not to mension especial roles which i d say i am Great except for changeling cuz that retarded playstyle and maybe sentient disease which is based on luck

Can you teach people how to set up the SM, Tesla and Singularity?

Have you done fusion before?

What’s the best way to stop the SM from delaminating?

Do you know toxins?

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7 months in the game and you’ve already managed to get a permaban on another server. Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence if I’m honest.


What Crossed said and you didn’t really like, try and express what your knowledge is about.

, , , , , i said i have knowledge of all i know how to setup all basic engis i know how to make bombs i never done fusion before best way to fix the sm is by turning off the emitters trying to figure out where the problem is coming from(ex: miight be the cooling loop) and fix it, in the meanwhile try to stablize it using n2 from atmos(actually starting with 5scrubbers on the sm and n2 in the orange pipe would help alot) observing the sm and its gas comp afterwards to detect any flaws and then proceed with normal routine if it is fixed, at least thats how i do it never fails unless its a co2 sm at 90% then you just call shuttle or you actually set it up properly with a good cooling system.
Also i love to tell others about my perma ban in TG, so the story goes like this:
i was the hop in a Greenshift round (actual no Antag round) i was chilling in there doing my job giving out minor access to people so they can work and be productive but then. out of no where my friends playing as hos and rd jump into my office and we start firing disablers at each other in a playful manner but then the warden comes in with a squad of officers and arrests them both tries to kill me i managed to escape i retreat to cargonia give them weapons and gear to rebel against the tyranny of sec end up being the first to lose men in battle so for revenge we actually kill all of sec go into the labor camp then i rescue the hos and the rd the shuttle at this point was already called so with whats left of cagonia we march to the shuttle and i get beaned by an admin, i think the ban was fair obviously it is selfantag, hard one infact, but what is a game realy for if not to have fun and be enjoyed?
Anyway that was the story of how i was permad from TG and how I represent such a Chad force with Chad vibes for everyone!

At -2 at 4 days. I’ll go ahead and deny this app, feel free to apply again when you feel like the community has a more positive image of you.