New Maintenance Chemistry/Cooking Items/Foods [sprited by yours truly]

As a forenote, Electrolyzer Assembly
-fully sprited with all states-
smallsmall-export bsbs-export largemeta-export
-10 Metal
-20 Cable Coil
-Wirecutters, screwdriver, welder

This device seperates the largest reagent (if its a 50/50 a dice roll is taken) in the left beaker into the right beaker by using %10 of the charge of the inserted battery via electrolysis and the retrofitted barometer of the analyzer. Simple, yet effectively removes the dependence on holodeck or a stolen chemmaster while doing advanced ghetto chemistry.

Electric Stove
-fully sprited with all states-
cooking stove_on_reagent-export stove_reagent_burntout-export
-Remote Signaller
-10 Metal
-1 Plasteel
-30 Cable Coil
-Wirecutters, screwdriver, welder

Repair with 20 Cable Coil after every 5 minutes of use.

This device has two modes, cooking and heating.

  • Cooking mode acts as a ghetto microwave, however, without auto eject. It cooks at the %75 speed of a stock microwave. When the food is cooked, it will display “The food seems cooked” and you have to manually eject it. Otherwise, keep it for another 30 seconds on the stove and it becomes a Burned Mess.

  • Heating mode is for heating beakers and their content. This too, will not have any UI whatsoever. It increases the heat constantly at the %75 speed of a stock chem heater. You have to manually analyze the machine to display the heat of the beakers contents. What happens on overheating it may vary, but its most of the time nothing serious will happen.

Ice Cooler


-10 Plasteel
-5 Metal
-5 Plasma
-Screwdriver, welder

Refuel every 3 minutes of use. Doesn’t burn fuel when not in use.

Fueled with 15u Ice or 5u Frost Oil, this is a little maintenance chem cooler. Can hold on to its coolness more thanks to the plasma insulation. Can’t cool things below 200k.

Dirt Patch Recipe
50u Organic Slurry
20u Iron
1 air in a can (or equal contents)
30u Water

Creates a dirt patch for maintenance hydroponics. Move it around with a shovel or a trowel.

This section is inspired by the makeshift cooking of actual prison inmates.
Non recipe part is adding a “Pack of Crackers” and “Pack of Cookies” to vendors. 5 cracker/cookie per pack sounds balanced to me.

Prison Pizza
1 bag of chips
1 cup of ramen
2 crackers
1 bag of jerky
1 bag of cheesy honkers
Creates one uncooked Prison Pizza

Crafts a cheesy and meaty prison pizza after heating it. It’s fairly certain that not one single natural ingredient has touched this but it will still provide nutriment for the tiders.

Cookie Crumbles
1 cookie, 1 container. Needs crafting menu to craft
Delicious cookie crumbles. Can be used as a part of the ghetto cake batter recipe, or as a “spice” added on top of desserts. 10u per cookie

Cracker Crumbles
1 cracker, 1 container. Needs crafting menu to craft
Salty cracker crumbles. Can be used as a part of the ghetto dough recipe, or as a “spice” added on top of soups or whatever. 15u per cracker.

Iron Rod Rolling Pin
5 Iron Rods, 5 Cable Coil
A rolling pin put together from metal rods. Not as robust as the wooden one.

Ghetto Cake Batter
50u Cookie Crumbles
1 can of any soda
This will create a cake batter, that can either be used for a cake or for other recipes with a rolling pin and such.
You need this in order to get any cracker crumbles without an access to a vendor, as crackers are made out of cooked pastry base+salt.

Ghetto Dough
45u Cracker Crumbles
20u Water
This will create a slab of dough, to be used for whatever meal you have in mind.


̰̙̅͛͊ͣͫ͆̚͢Y̛̰̦͖̩̰̓ͨ̉̏ͣ͜ ͎͖͔͈̱͍̓̏̆͡E̵͍̩͛̎͆͜ ̵͍̪̲̠͖̪̍͛́̀S̸̺̙̭͂̀ Good idea.

Ah yes finally i can live the full hobo experience.

I can finally create the best cake for the HoS in prison!

Ghetto chemistry always needed more love. This is a good start into it. I’d say this would be a good addition.

Prison pizza sounds absolutely horrible, yet completely plausible. Is this stuff out of real life or just for the game?

real life, prison forces people to do terrible things