New Job Suggestions

Alright, I was told that I should open up a forum post just for suggesting new roles/jobs for the game. It has come to my (and many other peoples’) attention that there simply aren’t enough job slots for the traffic that Beestation gets. In order to combat this, someone suggested to add multiple new jobs so that there would be more opportunities for people to play as anything but an assistant, and, although it would be easier to just add more job slots and equipment to each map, I thought this would make Bee more unique and freshen up the experience a bit.The first job I’m adding is EMT, so don’t worry about suggesting that.

All I want to know is the name of the job, what said job will wear, any extra equipment it needs, and as much info as you’re willing to submit. Thanks!

Since @Ziagfu basically made a template already, I’ll just post a blank one here.



Traitor specific:

Job: Colonizers
Equip: Basic unarmored EVA equipment, construction tools (basic)
Access: Mining access, Tool Storage (No engineering)
Duty: Create planet-side functions: Teleportation room, automated medical facilities, atmospherics for more efficient mining crew.

Extras: Increased Ash Walker starter spawns for the more violence inclined to fight against.

Tot specific: Gibtonite payloads for standard tot TC. Sentient Ashdrake for collaboration tier TC cost.

Great starters for Revs/cultists.


I really like this idea! I think it would work well since a lot of people like going and building bases or restoring ruins such as the whiteship. I’ll see what I can do since, again, I LOVE the idea and look forward to hopefully playing it myself if I can manage to get it added.


Job: Explorers
Equip: Standard + Mining internals box (toggle mask, yellow full air tank. GPS, mining starter knife, KA.
Access: Gateway, EVA
Duty: Explore Gateway destinations, explore nearby space sectors, deliver fat swag.

Extras: Reduce gateway timer.

Tot specific: Cheap dried space carp. Dried space shark. Nukie ‘War declaration’ signaler.

Will encourage exploration of game.


This would definitely encourage use of the gateway, as usually the gateway is rarely used as no one except certain Heads have access and they are needed on the station. Having a job would definitely increase the usage of it.

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Job: Entertainment
Equip: full chameleon set clothing.
Access: None
Duty: Robust the hell out of each other and distract people over comms.

Extras: pre-scanned for cloning. Indestructible cloner. Exists in central and central only. Primarily where ‘Entertainment’ camera examines. Provided with many weapons (No station damaging weapons) and props to fight/RP/Do gags-stunts.

Not applicable for Tot.

SPAWNS WITH NOTE SAYING ADMIN ABUSE IS VALID. Essentially admin test dummies who want to practice their ‘robust skills’ or actually try to entertain.

HEADLINE: Goodboy vs Dimas, fight of the century.


I n t e r e s t i n g idea you have there… sounds fun… maybe I’ll try to sneak it in there…

Job:Sec Emergency medical technician
Equipment:medical belt plus stun baton and disabler when the victims i mean patients try to run
Duty:Help heal people who have been beaten ruffed up by sec officers sit in the sec medical help the warden with removing syndicate chest implants help officers who have been robusted in the line of duty

Extras:more medical stuff in the brig maybe

Traitor specific:N/A

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Equipment:med belt with full surgeon gear
Duty:preform surgery’s

Maybe spare limbs in surgery and eyes and stuff so you could take a player with blind trait and restore their sight etc

All these are good ideas, and I’ll at least try to add them

job:news reporter
equipment: basically that thing from curator that lets you print newspapers, but make it without station announcements and option to print more copies
duty: write on all sorts of topics, report most important news

people who arrived late could have some more info on the situation, make it like easy beginner job


Job: Mechanic

Equipment: Toolbelt with engineer’s loadout, RPED in one hand, orange safety hi-vis vest exosuit on, a stack of metal and glass in backpack.

Duty: Build, upgrade and repair machines stationwide, plus also rebuilding room interiors like lighting, APCs, air alarms etc. They would be focusing on that aspect of post-bomb repair whilst engineers fill hull breaches+rebuild walls+lay power cables and atmos techs stabilise atmos+rebuild distro/waste pipes. Spawns in Science department, doesn’t have access to Engineering (since tengineers can maintain their own stuff and mechanics can just get all the materials they need from Science protolathe and their first autolathe).

Extras: Ideally an extra workshop room in Science they can use to set up something e.g. second Medbay, teleportation hub, second tcomms, all spare departmental protolathe boards, etc.

Traitor specific:
Electro Trap (makes a particular machine shock and briefly stun the next person to touch it).
Bomb Trap (makes a particular machine explode after 3 seconds to the next person to touch it).

Job: Animal Control

Equipment: Chef and maint access, single EVA suit, animal nets as well as a cage, tranq rifle that can shoot specially produced darts from service techfab, bear traps that can be thus removed from the janitor’s closet, and a folding hunting knife with similar damage to a kitchen knife.

Duty: Ensure that loose animals are subdued (preferably) non-lethally, kill space carps to keep engineers alive, get meat to chefs for yummy borger

Extras: Have a small office near botany and custodial closet with a public access space for people to get their animals from, and for the animal control worker to spawn at.

Traitor specific: N/A

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On explorers:
i like this idea, too, but we should take in count gateways as in right now arent suited for holding long lasting missions through the shift, at most the bigger gateways such, as snowdin, will be explored on their entirety by 3 persons exploring a different part each in about 40 minutes, assuming they dont die, so this would also entail a gateway rework (such as being able to travel to new gateway levels without needing to pray to RNGESUS), wich is already needed. this would greatly encourage the gateway exploration and department supplying (such as science giving mechs, medical synthflesh, engineering JOL and experimental welders, etc), wich is already scarce, but im concerned that people will either get used to it too quickly, or memorize the gateways for adquiring OP objects early in the shift to use against the crew or the antagonists.

we can always port the brig physician from paradise station

it might be uninspired but it’s a thoughtful addition

yeah I’m half done with that already tbh

The only “balanced” and acceptable role here is explorer, IMO.

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Job: Bodyguard
Equipment: A suit and sec gear like belt, headpiece, mindshield, disabler, baton and of course sunglasses
Duty: Protect heads and high value targets (like chaplain on blood cult rounds)

Don’t give him all access but enough to follow heads when a door closes behind their backs