"new" job: psychologist

Hello. I’ve been “coding” a “new” job: the psychologist (Adds psychologist as a proper job (DO NOT MERGE TILL SOP IS DONE) by giacomoh · Pull Request #6922 · BeeStation/BeeStation-Hornet · GitHub)

This is just a draft, but i’d like to have some feedback on it.

I’d like for it to work in a similar way to the TG counterpart (Psychologist by uomo91 · Pull Request #49964 · tgstation/tgstation · GitHub)

A therapist who checks up on crew/prisoner, evaluates employees mental health, and is able to prescribe medications.

The offices right now are placed inside of medbay, but after thinking more about it, I believe they should also be accessible from the outside of medbay.

I could give them medications that help cure addiction (?)

Does anyone have any ideas for this job? Even if it’s roleplay-oriented it’d be nice to have some sort of mechanics that could make the job feel special.

PS: with this i’m also removing the shrink from the gimmick pool of jobs. I eventually plan to make each (barber and VIP. not sure about magician) a consistently spawned job.

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Is he allowed to throw the clown into a cell because the clown is mentally unstable?


Ive always wanted to see psychologist escape gimmick hell. It has the most RP potential out of all gimmick jobs, but it’s hard to convince people to follow you into maints.

But barber? Have you ever played as one? It would be better to remove this job entirely. No idea why he gets his own job.


No cells, but they probably should be able to report certain crewmembers to security if they are deemed to be unstable and possibly dangerous to themselves/others.
I don’t think they should be able to directly request incarceration.
However i’d like to see them work alongside with security in taking care of prisoners.

Right now i’m mostly interested in VIP.
tbh barber doesn’t sound too bad to me, I like chill jobs.

But if i ever even get to these it will be in months, i’ve got other PRs in the pipeline. So no need to worry about that.

In this thread I’d like to hear ideas on how psychologist could be implemented

I had an idea for gimmick jobs to have an office where the showroom currently is on Meta since I always felt like that was just unnecessarily wasted space. I think that would be a nice spot for an therapist office, or VIP office or Barber shop. :person_shrugging:

edit: There’s a quirk I believe that would be good for the therapist to have. I forget the name right now but it basically allows you to sense someone’s emotions. Maybe have it so therapist has this sense of people by default.

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Maybe make therapists be able to tell the reasons someone is sad/happy too (besides the antag mood buff of course)

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I think it would be neat if the psychiatrist could treat mental traumas, and slowly de-convert antags which are the result of conscious decision by the characters (Cultists, obsessed, Revs, etc), as an alternative to RR, Borg, or Perma.
Maybe utilize the power of brainwashing numbers of crew to accrue manifestation points which can be spent to influence reality. Like how the Warhammer 40K orcs can generate a psychic gestalt field to krump beyond the impossible.

One problem with the barber is that most of the players are already happy with their character’s current hairstyle, so it’s going to be rare that you’ll get anyone coming in asking for a haircut at all.

For VIP, I’d suggest giving them a random gimmicky role (Eg. CEO of Donk Co, Nanotrasen Representative, maybe there’s better ones you can think of but idk) so that there’s some sort of backstory to why they are considered important.


VIPs should get some sort of optional objective which would vary based on who they’re working for. Like “you’re a representative for Pizza the Hut, the largest pizzeria/crime syndicate in a 15 Parsec radius. Insure that all pizzas made on or sold to the station meet the Hut’s standards”
Or “You’re an agent for the pan-galactic tour of Lux, Panem Circensum, the Moff boyband. Complain to the captain enough to get them a dressing room with good, moff-friendly food, and a stage for their performance on this station next shift.”
Maybe some “vender trash” items related to the objective. Like, the Pizza Rep could have some pizzas, or the moff agent could have a picture of the band and some moff plushies


Maybe have the idea of positive hypnotic suggestion where someone can come in and has to sleep and allow the for hypnotic tasks to overwritten.

This would allow for ayy abducted staff to lose their dumb tasks or possibly for hypnotised crew or revs.

Would need some limitations but a general idea

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Another idea was adding possible trauma moodlets, such as shellshock, witnessing multiple deaths, seeing a pet die, which cause a persistant mood debuff that can be mitigated by using drugs, drinking and removed by seeking counciling with the phyciatrist or maintaining a high mood for a long enough time.


Amazing idea, adding PTSD would singlehandedly take this job from not being useful, to being useful and aiding in the RP this server is supposed to have.


Yess, i was thinking the same tbh. after seeing too much blood/corpses (and not having a new trait, “brave” or something similar and not being an antag) you could get a trauma only the psychologist could heal.
The problem would be getting the trauma and not having any psychologist on board… i’ll think more about this idea.

yea some sort of reverse (or limited) brainwashing would be pretty cool.

yeah normal crewmembers should totally get some sort of trauma when dealing with too much stress. (or make the moodlet be FINALLY useful, instead of what we have now)
maybe i could add a rimworld (or DW/darkest dungeon) stress system?
it would add points when getting hurt or seeing blood?

I’ll think more about this.

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If you really wanted to make stress punishing, maybe code it so that too high stress makes you sometimes fail actions like surgery/handcuffing/building or they start stuttering or something else. That would make people actually deal with the stress without being too annoying.

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