New help intent emotes

So what if we had a system where there could be different emotes played when you aim for different parts of the body.

Chest for a hug
Arm for highfive or shake hand
Head for pats?

Add plz.
I hate having to hug everyone like why can’t I high five them.

Izatha Bifasciata head pats Lumost Lampsky.
Izatha Bifasciata is hit by a 10mm bullet!
Izatha Bifasciata screams!


Tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding tg handholding I still can’t believe they actually merged it

what interaction is the groin part

i thought this was a no erp zone what is wrong with you zuck

text saying “bro this is a NO ERP ZONE get your filthy hands away from there.”

i was thinking more of poking yourself in the eyes and saying your hand must’ve slipped

Fluff Moff resists groping Dimas Valozk.

Fluff Moff has died at Bridge.

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Mark Suckerberg attacks Fluff Moff’s kneecap with the fireaxe! (x17)

I don’t see an issue with adding this, it’s more if some one is actually willing to take time to make something so insignificant (might be cool on MRP though).

tbh you can’t pick up birbs because of hug so that’s a big loss imho

What birds. Don’t pick up sparrows, we have sawed off shotguns hidden in our wing holsters.

Ok, what birds though.

give special emote for slapping when targeted at own leg, knee slap laugh


I DEMAND head Pat’s for aiming at catgirl heads

Fun fact: I’m not sure about humans but Borgs can boop lizards

aim for head on moth to pat antennae

I suggest the groin help emote should be a no homo hommie ass slap

Take a look at the handholding code here to see how it works

I like this idea enough to put a bounty on it. Not sure if anyone else in here wants to contribute to it.