New genetics UI is bad

Genetics is quite tedious as it already is, so even though the new UI makes it more distinguishable I do not like the way you need to scroll down every time you want the entire picture, making it much more tedious. Like, holy shit, every time I tick in T or A or G and C it resets it back up and I got to scroll all the way down again.
The old one was actually quite nice since I only needed to look from left to right and if there was an X check the one under to see if that was an X too. If there were two or more I’d leave that gene and go on to the next.


Does maximizing the genetics screen let you see it? (I haven’t seen the new genetics ui so I dont know if this actually works)

I haven’t actually tried that yet, but I think it might work. There is still one problem with it thought and that is that I won’t be able to see if anyone sneaks up behind me.
I also don’t like the layout because it requires a lot more eye movement to scan through everything.