New craftable weapon Ideas

is what I would be doing right now. but after last round (8087) its clear that you just want everyone to die. so fuck it. and fuck the station. *shrug

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what you are trying to say. If you’re saying that you’re upset with how the station is overly chaotic, you might want to try the MRP server Sage.

I also do not know what this is about.

Just wait until I steal armhuelen’s idea of the Graytide Hammer.

A wired rod and a toolbox, instead of a wired rod and a glass shard or igniter.

The hammer is only craftable by Assistants, requires a welder, and does slighty more damage than the average toolbox, or maybe, slighty under the spear, with a lower throwing force of course.

The gimmick behind it is that you can put stuff in the hammer. When the hammer has a tool in it, then it’s damage goes up. When all the main tools are in it, it reaches it’s peak, it would allow the GRAYTIDE HAMMER SPECIAL. The special move is like the Bastard Sword’s spin attack, but when activated, the tools fly out of it, preventing the move until the cooldown is ready AND all the tools are back in it. The flying tools would also do more damage when they hit someone, of course.

Using this would allow many tiders an ultimate weapon, truly bound by honor. And a powerful one at that.

Oh I know what this is about, lately you’ve been making a lot of spears in-game and I’ve seen Security arrest you for this at least once. Well, it is at least the medium crime Possession of a Weapon in Space Law and they could charge you with the Major crime Inciting a Riot or even the Capital crime Mutiny for it.

lmao, an admin citing space law

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a good collection of makeshift weapon ideas are found in /vg/code, such as makeshift railguns, wheelchair cannons, swords, item teleport guns, etc.
Bamboo also exists on beecode, although broken, and im working on fixing it, and getting an expansion on makeshift lavaland options for survivalist/ashwalkers alike.

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something is preventing me from appealing my ban. neat

What do you mean? You should be able to make a post in #ban-appeals:game-ban-appeals or #ban-appeals:discord-ban-appeals depending on your type of ban. If you are getting an error feel free to send me a private message and I’ll take a look at it.