Nerfing Light Pink Stabilized or How I learned about the worst update to the game

Recently light pink stabilized extract got nerfed.
Why? What’s the point? This is terrible, and whoever made the update should be terribly ashamed.

It’s like some maintainers are hell bent on sucking the fun right out of the game. This does nothing meaningful, introduces no new elements or new concepts, and instead just zaps something for absolutely no reason, done unilaterally by a single person with nary a discussion on the subject.

I shall be the first to boo this man and boo t his update.


Perhaps it’s because someone moving at permanent meth speeds is rather unfun to deal with like a lot of the other things in xenobio?

Maybe because xenobio is one of the most bloated and needlessly overpowered things currently existing on our code base?

Light pink stabilized was solely fun for the person abusing it and is a complete pain in the ass to go up against (like a lot of other xenobio things).

Yes, that is what a nerf is.

The fact it is just now getting nerfed is what surprises me.

(Also it still increases movespeed by 50% which is hardly bad.)


Are you serious? Having an item that let’s you run close to the speed of light while also giving epi to any critted people around is broken as fuck, and you see no point in nerfing that?


whoever made the update should be terribly ashamed.

I am proud of this update.
Also it was literally written and made as an ‘ambulance’ extract not a super speed combat extract


Can’t have my free meth+, boo hoo.

HAHAHAHAAA you know nothing about game design or actual fun


The only problem with this update is, if the scientist in xenobio even want to make stabilized pink anymore, as normally xenobio stuff isnt distributed and/or made for the rest of the station, most often i see xenobio making it for other crew is yellow core or hypercharged one for robotics. Or combat one like the past light pink stab, for sec hunting antag.

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It’s still stupidly fast, just not as stupidly fast

there’s also so many others you can make

Wow, you changed some values in a line and added an ADD_TRAIT/REMOVE_TRAIT function call how amazing – your heart should be swelling with pride.

You’ve added nothing of substance, but just took away from the game. With absolutely no discussion with anyone, just made a unilateral decision. You did not make xenobio better, you made xenobio just a little bit worse.


Cringe, horribly unbased.

Essentially the update just junks the extract, and makes another useless item that almost no one will be making anymore.

It isn’t just nerfed, it has just become overwhelmingly shitty.

He added a little more balance to otherwise absolutely broken department.

Nothing of value was lost, running around at methspeed injecting every critted person with epi with absolutely NO drawbacks was only fun for the person that has the extract. Antags with that shit are extremely unfun to play against.

Not every change to a horribly unbalanced item has to be discussed with the entire playerbase, if that was a thing then nothing would be done.

And that somehow is a bad thing? Considering how disgustingly broken it currently is.

You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about if you think that moving at 1.5x speed with drawback being pacified makes it useless.

Yeah, no.

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If you are experienced enough… pacifists can still kill effectively by other means.

Also you can just put the extract into a box in the bag to not be pacified and start killing.

This isnt even nerfed to the ground… 1.5x speed is VERY good.

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Xenobiology is hardly made irrelevant by this change. With all honesty, they are one of the most powerful jobs in the game and their only gate is extremely tedious slime breeding and core collection.

I don’t like saying this often but sometimes it needs to be said.

Just because YOU dislike it, does not make the change bad.

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Imagine being proud of making something worse. This is the level of discourse going on here.

No u.

Nothing about it was horribly unbalanced – stabilized pink was just fine. The main issue with these kinds of updates is it just takes away without improving anything. They have not added, nor created anything new, but just taking away from existing items, and making the whole profession worse, purely based on a single person’s opinion.

Just because you are digging in and being stubborn, doesn’t make the change good.
Just because YOU like it, does not make it good.

Judging by the amount of admin’s commenting here, it’s more of a case of the staff “sticking up for one of their own” rather than it genuinely being a good change. The only reason they are defending this update is because “they made it” not because it’s genuinely a good update.

I for one think this is a good change. It enhances the original intent of the item, that being an ambulance, and reduces its effectiveness as a combat item.

That moment when the only way you can come to terms with people disagreeing with your opinion is to blame it on some admin conspiracy.

Also despite popular belief the vast majority of admins have absolutely fuck all to do with the codebase outside of whining about it (myself included).

80% of replies are from mentors/admin.

This was most likely linked in the discord as a “please defend me” post.

It’s almost like admins and mentors generally have a larger presence in the community and tend to be more active. :thinking:


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The point of my previous post is, xenobio itself in my opinion don’t help the rest of the station as much as the others, Improving SM = more power, upgrading parts and the machines speak for itself

Nerfing this light pink, which VERY rarely (on my experience) being given to jobs oother than sec,tator or powergamer, wont impact the rest of the station negatively or at all even.

This is what xenobio lacking in my opinion, impacting other jobs (other than robo), well sometimes there is a scientist kind enough to make the healing pylon for medbay, but not often enough, most of the time they make things for their own use, or combat focused use. I hope by starting to nerf these combat focused usage, xenobio will more focused to improve ease of life and other jobs effectivity

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lol I’m right

They should add new things and create new concepts instead of castrating old ones.

…tend to be more active.

This is a bit out of topic, delete this if you will admins but what about player report being left alone for months? is it because player reports take too much times to read and process, or is there something else?