Nanotrasen trained heads of staff in self defence /vote/

What if; nanotrasen finally managed to spare budget to train heads of staff in the art of self defence
  • Yes, heads are really easy to kill now, this makes it more challenging
  • No, heads should not receive any training and should rely on items they get roundstart

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Basically all they could do would be that two disarms make the other person drop item in hand by twisting their wrist thats it.
Proof of concept below.
its just a funny idea i had dont hate me for that :flushed:

Bad ideas are bad.​​​​​​​​​​​​

I am only voting for it if QM also gets that.

Can we give heads roundstart cqc?


No, just learn to shove back

giving heads roundstart cqc is a terrible idea for lrp. no.

MRP players when they

when they kidnap the hop and ask him to shove them twice

  • The HoS gets the absolute best e-gun in the game and armory access
  • HoP can give AA to themselves in emergencies, and has a mini-egun.
  • The RD has full access and authority to the science departement which is a weapon of its own, and reactive armor
  • The CE has an incredibly robust hardsuit and access to advanced tools roundstart
  • The captain has his saber, an E-gun, the antique laser, the best armor in the game, AA, full authority on everyone (which means by extension that he has most of the above). If you get your shit kicked in as a Captain it’s very much on you.
  • QM can order shit, including guns. They are the weakest head, but their role isn’t as critical to the station as a cargo tech can often compensate for the lack of a QM.

tl;dr you get a fuckton of cool toys as a dept head, and giving them CQC on top of that would make no sense. Can you imagine a rev round with all the above if the heads start going Venom Snake on your ass?

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The Quartermaster is not a head.

Which is absolute bullshit

It isn’t.


They got a cloak, they got authority over a departement, they’re a head in all aspects aside from their lack of command access and Revs.
The only reason they aren’t a fully fledged head is because they don’t really have much to actually look over, cargo practically runs itself if a cargo tech’s here. They are to the HoP what the warden is to the HoS: Not a full head, but with enough responsability and access to kind of have the same sort of role.

They are the de-facto leader of Cargo, but ultimately they still answer to the Head of Personnel.

If you can’t defend yourself as a head, your not robust enough.

No reason to implement such a radical change


Only that the HoP never gives a fuck about what cargo is doing while warden and HoS work close together

to be honest the only reason i did this meme is because debtor can kill you in a few punches and stun at the same time so i thought why not

It’s a gimmick role of which only a single one exists per round and you can’t reliably get.

Correction: its a shit role

Couldve excluded the tldr, i kinda like going motherbase…