Nancy Druid player feedback

Here it is people. Say all the nasty things about me that you’ve wanted to say but didn’t have a good enough reason. Believe it or not, I am actually trying to do the best that I can when I’m in security, so fire at will. What do I do badly, and how can I improve on it? What am I doing well that I should keep up?

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our ic friendliness deteriorated bc u think i’m “toxic” YOURE TOXIC!!

Unrobust metagrudger, very unbased.

actual fucking shitsec not even joking or being ironic; literally the textbook example of shitsec

Fucker tried to rob me when they were the det for no reason once and keeps using lethals when arresting resulting in very dead people and a very stressed HoS, which is often me (or was, I play less sec now)

powergamer metagrudger unrobust and a fucking shitty sec boi

0/10 I literally can’t enjoy sec anymore


Definitely not one of the players I enjoy playing with or adminning over. Always seems to be looking for excuses to fight/crit players in most rounds, regardless of which job you have at the time. Tried to claim whetstone is part of your religion as chaplain to justify power gaming as well.

Please chill out a bit, is all I’d like to say.


Bumping this for memes

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3 months ago I would have told you to hang yourself with a cable coil , now if I saw you hanging from one I would cut you down and clone you

Based or unbased, what could it be

literally who
bottom text

If you align your playing time with megatrons being_banned_schedule you can find out!


Remember kids; if you shove Nancy Druid the assistant, she will throw glass at you for the rest of the shift, and the shift after.

That’s a weird interpretation of Rule 14.


Hey, It’s me, Chet. I think you are a cool dude, Nancy Druid.

10/10, makes a great hug module pillow!



I haven’t encountered you often, but one instance in particular sticks out. I accidentally attributed this to another player, in their “goodbye” post.

I was playing a Chemist. At the start of the shift, you kept hacking into Chemistry and trying to steal a Dispenser, eventually succeeding. Yakkity Sax ensued, I think someone wound up dying, but I don’t recall many of the specifics. I do recall that you deep-fried the Dispenser circuitboard. When pressed, you explained that you did this because you had a grudge against the other Chemist, from previous rounds. You received only a single day ban for this blatant metagrudging, on top of a dozen various notes/bans - which I am still mystified about. Thoughts on that?

I see your name brought up pretty often, in the context of being the worst Security player we have. I haven’t personally experienced that, though.

There are two kinds of Security - those who have their sanity actively damaged over time by an unending flow of shitters, and those who unironically enjoy making things shittier for others. I really hope you fall in the first category. With that in mind, my feedback is that you should take a couple weeks off from playing Security, and try to relearn that it’s just as rewarding to help others as it is to griff them.

For reference to those interested ITT: NotMegatron’s Bans and Notes

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I was the other chemist in this round, can confirm that this shitter metagrudges hard.

Absolutely unrobust and unbased player. Tries to be robust and fucks with people, gets beat up and metagrudges at nearly every encounter.

Just waiting for the day they get banned for more than a day.

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I played Trace Grant a few times and remember on MRP how you would demand the disk and spare even if I was the HOP (acting captain) cause heads can be traitors and shit. This was months ago, but if the other complaints are anything to go off of, it seems like it hasn’t changed. I get there aren’t really any metaknowledge rules when it comes to antags, but it’s still gay to just assume I’m an antag like that at the start of the round.

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You can report that as powergaming.

Bumping this because she’s fun to make fun of

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you may be a autistic shitter static femoid, but at least you’re not a furry

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Incel above.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​