Nancy Blank player report

CKEY: Ice_Type

Your Discord: IT4E

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Nancy Blank

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023/09/97

Round Number: 45737

Rules Broken: 3

Incident Description: After taking a tot role offered to ghosts, I proceed to do some antagonism, stealing the captain’s medal, and then fooling the warden into detonating themselves. Then, when I’m trying to figure out some way to dispose of the resulting body, an officer comes in, along with Nancy Blank. (Nancy coming is a violation of detective SOP.) Nancy then, after I stun the officer with a body throw, takes the dropped baton, and starts attacking me, without me ever having attacked them (Another violation of SOP). Then, after some fighting and shit, I get arrested. When the AI’s laws get discovered, the captain attempts to demote me, and me and a subverted borg do our best to escape. During this, Nancy pursues me, and fires many rounds with her revolver at me, a cuffed and thus harmless prisoner. (SOP is shattered and on the ground at this point)

Additional Information:

Code Green

  1. The Detective may not perform arrests or searches. Exception is made if there are no active Security Officers or a Warden.
  2. The Detective is not permitted to carry any weaponry other than their standard issue equipment. The Detective’s revolver and ammo are one of the notable exceptions.
  3. The Detective may not unholster or fire their revolver unless there is a clear and present danger to their life.
  4. The Detective may non-lethally incapacitate any crewmember that poses an immediate physical threat to them.
  5. The Detective may not discard any evidence. It needs to be stored securely for the duration of the shift.
  6. The Detective may not respond to a crime scene if unrestrained criminals are still present.

Code Blue

  1. All Code Green guidelines except 2 and 3 are carried over.
  2. The Detective is permitted to carry any nonlethal weaponry in addition to their revolver.
  3. The Detective may unholster their revolver, but not fire it unless there is an immediate threat to their life.
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Some questions:

-What alert level was when you started the Warden attack

-Where did the warden explosion occured, was it on Brig?

If all of that happened on the brig, you’re pretty much playing in security homefield, if the detective sees a criminal hauling the warden body and the only officer is temporally disabled, do you really expect them to stay still and say ‘‘It’s not really my job’’ and quietly go back into their office? There’s different characters with different motivations, but the Detective is a combat trained job, if they’re witnessing a murder right in front of them, in brig and the only officer clearly needs back up they can interfere, either with the baton that they took, their own baton or the revolver, although i would only put this scenario only on brig

Depends also if someone called it out ‘’; Warden dead on brig’’ and they came from the other side of the station or they were just near-by

They’re part of the security team

However you’re right that they shouldn’t have shot you at all(unless it was rubbers) if you were cuffed and running out into freedom, if anything they could’ve tried to empty a rubber mag to try and stam crit you and try to grab only if you were very closeto them, any security personnel will try to catch someone that’s a few meters away but if you ran waay past that, then it’s no longer their job and that’s for the officers to arrest, it’s more of a common sense and courtesy to grab a prisoner(specially one that’s a murderer) if they’re within proximity and they need to be restrained to be processed.

I’m not justifying all of Nancy actions here but there’s context missing, and any SOP violations are not the same as validhunting(Except the last part that also depends on the distance traveled and such), you’re not aware if Nancy spent the entire round being a detective and investigating or just validhunting, the logs will confirm that.

The warden was blown up in his office and dragged into perma, I didn’t go into perma thinking there was a criminal hiding in there. When me and the officer encountered them we talked to them briefly I said to the officer “arrest them”and when the officer got knocked down I didn’t just let the criminal win. I only shot at them after they shot at me with lethal. I will admit pursuing them with the gun later was pretty shitty, but at that point they’d been salting in LOOC and I didn’t have much patience for them left.

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Also I only shot them with rubber bullets

So you entered a room with a likely criminal, ran up right next to the fighting, so you were in prime position to assist the officer when they were downed? Actively endangering yourself to bait escalation to validhunt is still validhunting. (You should have stayed out of that fight, either by keeping your distance or not entering perma, a place I don’t even think you have access, in the first place.) There was no detective business for you in perma, only valids for you to hunt.

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The det actively followed the officer into perma when they moved to arrest, and hung right next to the conflict so they could help if they got the excuse to. There was no reason for them to accompany the officer into perma in the first place, let alone hang around there, and be right up next to the suspect as the officer engaged.

I didn’t know you were in perma when I entered, I just knew it had been bolted and moved to investigate.

I was standing there in plain view.

Yes, I could see you standing there with the body of the warden after I entered, I assume you expect me to just leave at that point?

You expect me to just not take part in a situation that is unfolding around me just so it would make the game easier for you?

You’re playing a detective, not an officer. If you want action, the officer role is right there.

Ok but I didn’t go looking for action, I stumbled into it. It’s not my fault I happened to be there when you were.

I’ll start by saying SOP can be broken with GOOD reasons, it’s in the rules for a reason.

Icetype stunned the off’ with a body throw, det was using non lethals to help the lone officer on site, Ice type esc’d to lethals first.

ATTACK: BirbOnion/(Nancy Blank) has stunned icetype/(Noire Percivial) (NEWHP: 83.1) (STAM: 75) (Prison Wing (57, 98, 2))
ATTACK: icetype/(Noire Percivial) has shot BirbOnion/(Nancy Blank) with the laser (NEWHP: 85) (STAM: 0) (Prison Wing (55, 94, 2))
ATTACK: icetype/(Noire Percivial) has shot BirbOnion/(Nancy Blank) with the laser (NEWHP: 73.8) (STAM: 0) (Prison Wing (55, 92, 2))

Det’ uses non lethals to stop the dangerous prisonner (who shot them)

ATTACK: BirbOnion/(Nancy Blank) has fired at [floor] with .38 Bouncy Rubber bullet from Prison Wing (Prison Wing (61, 97, 2))

Meanwhile rest of sec was snorting glue or smthng, can’t tell from logs.
As it is, the SOP was broken. Yes. Does it make IC sense?
Yes (it loops again to ‘you can break SOP with good IC reason/RP’)
Was it validhunting?
Nope. (Det’ running with an officer to try and save a warden in perma =/= det running around maints with gun out looking for traitor joe to horizontal).

Going after you is iffy. It’s too far per SOP and rules…but after reading the amount of salt you spew in LOOC, I have to say that I kinda get Nancy being pissed at you, no, it doesn’t excuse it. But holy molly, was it painfull to read.

Nancy backing up a lone officer non lethally while calling for back-up?
Nancy hunting you?
ICetype typing dozens of lines of salt in LOOC?
(you also have an history of this and should REALLY know better, keep your temper in check).
(LOOC isn’t the place to argue, especially while being mean to the other side, if it’s not working, drop it, take the L and open a report).