Naming Guidelines Poll

Bumping for day 2 of voting, place your votes now! Think I’m gonna call it at the end of day 3 for the next round of discussions.

While I disagree with how the naming guideline enforces species name to be ultra specific (although it got better, remember when moths coule only have shitty latin names no one could recognize?)

I do not agree at all with the fact this thread was made in regards to the name “Fitz “Dave” Sholl II” for a human, which is just plain bad…

It was not. It was to see the general opinion of the player base on the naming guidelines.


ah, good then. imo human naming guidelines should be kept the same, species guideline made less strict, and allowing original things that would make sense with background info
(ie “lizard raised as a moth following moth naling guideline”)


I have just found word that it does not matter what the players think.

All the same, vote!


With how much drama these naming guideline rules have been causing I’m surprised they haven’t just been done away with already.

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Well, with game designers their game really relies on testers to test if the game is working/fun.
As a community we are those game testers and by making this post we’re telling the designers that something isn’t working and it’s in the their favor to listen and change those issues. Sure they can not listen, but then they’re making a game for themselves and not anyone else. (look at any AAA game that comes out an unfun broken mess on release)

That’s how game design works.

This works for all decisions/PR/whatever by the way.


It’s just like 3 people who keep posting the same threads about naming guidelines.

I only made one a while back. The rest were made due to ban appeals going off-topic.
I would agrue that 65 and 57 votes in both polls with majority saying that they think the guildeline should be reduced says enough. So it’s more than just a couple of us talking heads saying the same thing over and over.

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20,000 beecoin to earn a naming policy bypass for a character



i know what im saving for




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I have a feeling that entire exchange was rather reductive in nature.



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Third day of voting! At the end of tonight I’ll lock the polls, so get your vote in now!

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I have been informed these polls don’t matter, I will now close them. Thanks for voting everyone.

Time to wrap up, our votes never mattered :pensive:

(I do get this opinion btw, there is some bias on forums)

Hopefully an in-game vote on the name policy will be made.

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