Nameno02 note appeal

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
(note reason)Validhunting/be Excellent to each other: Non antag MD spotted blood red hardsuit, yelled “Nuckies”. Got to the bridge, “nukies” (in fact two tots) were in light crit. Proceed to whack one from -20 HP to - 330. While command and sec were telling them to stop. Please improve your conduct! Guano insane MD vaildhunt report - #5 by Tamus
Appeal Reason:
i love when admins mess up. ok i just got off a ban i was in the menu screen and it said i got a note i looked why and i laughed i was doing nothing i was still on the menu screen and yet i got noted again with the admins messing up you noted the wrong person for the love of god
this is my first note appeal so if i messed up tell me what i did wrong have a nice day

I’m sorry to ask this bluntly, but what’s the basis of your appeal?
As written in the note, this a result of a player report, this one:Guano insane MD vaildhunt report - #5 by Tamus
If I got facts wrong in this report, do tell me (and I’ll fix my mess).
But as it is, I’m not even sure what your appealing here.

bud. you noted the wrong person

your ckey is the ckey noted in the player report, and in the logs. As far as is apparent, you did the things the report said you did, therefore note.

what im apealing is for you or someone to remove the note from me and note the correct person

This note wasn’t made about something that happened in the round it was applied, it was made after a forum report (wich is linked in the note).
Please, read the linked post

when was the note made?

Around 11 hours ago, as seen in this report: Guano insane MD vaildhunt report - #3 by Amazung

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but i was banned like 3 or 5 days ago and i jusrt got on today

ok my brain is in pain how the fuck i dont remember doing that

Ban Date: 2023-08-09 02:57:13

the incident I noted you for happened on the 7/26/23 (about two weeks earlier).
So you were noted for something that happened prior to your ban, and I’m pretty sure it’s you who did (I even provided some of the logs for it, you can see your CKEY).

can you show me the full logs of what happened pls

What for?

can i see the logs of what i did i just need to see if i can remember anything that i can put here, also what do you mean by 15chars? its ok if you dont want to

its ok if you dont want to

15 chars is the minimum number of characters a post can contain. “What for” doesn’t meet it.
Usually we put “15 chars” or something like that to reach the minimum

I’d prefer not to, it’s a lot of added work for me to pull the logs/rebuild them in usable form, and I remember this pretty well (as I handled it quite recently) and don’t think there’s a reason for me to go back to digging.

oh i remember what happined

tho i thote i was CMO and i also thote they were haritictes that’s maybe me mixing up rounds but for what i saw there was a haritic marking where they where so i just helped killing the haritics but yes i did go over board way to over borard sorry for my spelling

anyway have a nice day

you are.
I double checked, the note is accurate to what happened and will stay. As such I’m rejecting your appeal.
Good day to you as well!