Name ban: "Cindy-Kate Inkerson"

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Name ban on the name “Cindy-Kate Inkerson”
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Ban Reason:
The name is “obvious wordplay” (Llol111)
Appeal Reason:
I believe that this name is in the spirit of the game, doesn’t harm anyone, could have theoretically been given to a child in-universe due to the parents either being syndicate or having syndicate inclinations. This is, in fact, her back story. She’s the consummate rebel against her two syndicate career-obsessed parents, and as a result has joined NT at least in part to spite them.

This isn’t a simple dumb choice, it’s got thought put into it and while yes, it is in part meant to entertain, I’ve been playing Cindy-Kate for some time and have come to enjoy having that character in my repertoire.

This game is not meant to be serious. Take a long hard look at the clown and tell me that having a crew member with the name “Cindy-Kate” is worth getting annoyed over. I made her, I like her, and I want to keep her. Don’t be that kind of admin team. Don’t be a no-fun-allowed admin team.

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Ironically your name would be okay for a clown character :clown_face:


the name “Cindy Kate” has been an SS13 meme for along as I remember SS13

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Genuinely came up with it myself. Yeah yeah, No such thing as a new idea, but I didn’t just copy it.

Wilchen is right infact, it would be okay on a clown.

Also this isnt a ban, its just a note recording the fact that i told you to chaneg names.
I’ll get in those second oppinions i told you about.

@Crossedfall @Ivniinvi

Cindy Kate is a clear reference to the Syndicate. Additionally, it’s used on some wiki pages as a Syndicate tutorial character. I would be fine with it as a clown name, but not as a regular character name. Also, accusing us of being a “no fun admin team” isn’t a great way to get your appeal approved. I, for one, think this appeal should be rejected.


I disagree that I’m accusing anyone of anything.
The statement “Don’t be a no-fun-allowed admin team.” is not an accusation, it’s imploring the opposite.

This just reads like you’re attempting to frame me as losing composure, when I believe that I’ve made very clear that I’m arguing in good faith. I’ve not used the character since the request and I’ve opened this thread to open a dialogue. If this is not a “great way to get your appeal approved” I think I’d be hard pressed to find any method at all that would meet your standards.

No one would care enough about a name ban to bother framing you or losing their cool over this, you show those qualities yourself with those statements.

While i personally don’t really see your character’s name as a big deal, it still technically break naming guideline if you follow it literally.

This is up to admins and if admin thought it wasn’t appropriate, it isn’t.


I agree partly as long as the name has no dash there. just as Cyndy Kate. but I don’t agree with ‘Cyndy-kate Inkerson’ which is too memie.

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I basically have the same take as Leo. I can let some names skirt by, but this is incredibly on the nose and I’ve bwoinked people for less. I don’t think it would be fair to treat this under a different light.

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Fair enough, I’ll shelve the character for Beestation.

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Cool and Nice.

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