Nagitoes (Yujiro Hanma) Role Banned for Little Reason

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: Zeshkorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Role banned from both servers

Ban Type: Role ban for Captain, HoP, HoS, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Chief Medical Officer, Warden, Detective, Sec

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (11/11/2019):

Round ID: 8965

Ban Reason: Executing someone over hearsay and without any concrete evidence

Appeal Reason: I got banned forever for the smallest of reasons by an unreasonable admin. I found the body of a dead sec in on the floor and an Atmospheric Technician was jumping around it, someone else said he was the killer, so I arrested him. Additionally, I arrested a clown when a sec flashed him and said he assaulted him, so I then arrested him. I explained this to the admin and they initially seemed understanding when I said it was a genuine mistake and it would not happen again, but then they saw I have messed up in the past and I got perma banned for all my favourite roles without any discussion. I love this game and have been playing for months, I only really enjoy playing those roles I got banned for, and I do not think it was fair for me to get banned for actions I done months ago when I did not care about the game and for a genuine mistake that the admin Zeskorion agrees was just that - a mistake. I love BeeStation but I do not think I can enjoy this game if I am to be banned from all my favourite roles forever. I do not think it is far to ban someone seemingly only for past offences when they’ve “served their time” and accepted the time out without issues, I say this because I cannot understand any other reason why someone would be role banned until year 9999 for making an understandable mistake which was then completely rectified. I did not have the chance to discuss the issue with the admin and try and create some reason before I was banned from nearly every role.

Additional Information: The ban was sudden and I was not given any warning. After discussing the genuine mistake and letting the prisoner go who had been revived, giving them their stuff, I told Zeskorion I was sorry for the mistake and he immediately said “you’ve had notes from before” and I got role banned forever. I have been playing the game seriously for a long time now and have not had any issues in a long time. Please undo my role bans.

You let me in because I said I wanted to help a dead guy, which I did, that’s why I was there, then upon letting me in, you lethally injected me and left me there with the body in the security crematorium I was there for, which as I had seen on the crew monitor, had also died from toxin damage and left there. It’s not even like I broke in, which even if I had, a lethal injection was not warrented.
Also I don’t think lethally injecting someone(possibly 2 people because of the person I was originally there for) is a “small reason”

You have previous notes for this behaviour as security. If you wanna kill people using the powerful killing people gear sec gets, at least do validhunting and dont kill random people for wild guesswork

Hey just some input from jazzle the clown who got executed.

This seems excessive, the sec officer did lie to him about events. That said he did lethal two people for things that really don’t merit lethal response. Wouldnt a ban from those roles a bit less infinite make more sense?
Just so he could get the general crew perspective on how shitsec can ruin a round and learn to value the actual weighted value of crime & punishment.

And yes i made an account for this, i read ban appeals for entertainment but don’t use forums generally.


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I would recommend you play any role other than sec for atleast like 20 hours so you can learn how actual crew works.

Also an atmos tech walking around a dead sec guy in atmos is barely suspicious at all when you think about how atmos is you know his workplace

I’ve had a break from the game, it’s closing up to a month since I’ve been banned. Could I please be un-role banned for my actions? I’ve familiarised myself with the game when I last played and I feel that now after 3 or so weeks I’ve faced my punishment for my relatively small actions. Thank you.

Thanks for going out of your way to try and help me. They still haven’t let me play any role but one many months later which is insane to me.


Sorry for tagging ya man, but somebody needs to handle this.

I mean

@zeskorion is the admin and he’s still on full effect, dunno why this got buried. Damn.

I’ll spam him on discord. If this ain’t solved/resumed by monday I’ll take it.

I’ve been waiting for other admins to give input before closing this. I am under no intention to unban, especially with them having made another appeal and not understanding exactly what they did wrong


normally, your ban wouldn’t be permanent or even a ban

but you did this shit in the past.

i’m a firm believer in second chances, but when you do shit like this, take the consequence.

this wasnt even a permaban, just two months

Yeah uh, no

Your notes are like, not good.
Multiple claims of lying in ahelps, being generally aggressive towards anyone, including admins in PMs(or maybe i’m misreading it and it’s actually you being aggressive to everyone in-game), arresting/gulagging people for no reason.

Hell even Kev noted you.

You gotta mess up real bad for Kev to actually not let Admins deal with you and note you himself.

Hard no.