Nagitoes Banned by Zeskorion

CKEY: Nagitoes

Admin’s CKEY: Zeshkorion

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Role banned from both servers

Ban Type: Role ban for all Chief, Leadership and Secuity Roles

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (11/11/2019):

Round ID: 8965

Ban Reason: Executed a player over hearsay from sec and without any concrete evidence

Appeal Reason: Around two months ago. I got banned forever for the smallest of reasons by an unreasonable admin. I found the body of a dead sec in on the floor and an Atmospheric Technician was jumping around it, someone else said he was the killer, so I arrested him. Additionally, I arrested a clown when a sec flashed him and said he assaulted him, so I then arrested him. I did not have the chance to discuss the issue with the admin and try and create some reason before I was banned from nearly every role.

It has been a very long time since I’ve been banned, I have accepted the decision and agree that punishment was indeed correct for the mistake, but it’s coming up four months later and I believe I have shown that I am a good member of the community in game and on Discord, and can be trusted with playing the roles in which I enjoy. It has nothing to do with power as the admin unfairly assumed, I like playing sec roles like detective and I hope that I can be given a second chance all this time later. I have not done one thing wrong since this time.

Additional Information: This ban was made around last year on the 11th, I believe I served my time for the misdeeds I’ve done. The ban was sudden and I was not given any warning. After discussing the genuine mistake and letting the prisoner go who had been revived, giving them their stuff, I told Zeskorion I was sorry for the mistake and he immediately said “you’ve had notes from before” and I got role banned forever.

Please allow me a second chance to play the roles I have loved for a long time so I can play detective, sec, Head Medic etc. with my friends as I used to. I do not believe it’s fair that I’ve been role banned for this long over a misconception four months ago. The punishment doesn’t fit the “crime”. Please reconsider, thank you.

You didn’t post this in the correct category. I’ll move it for you this time, but please make sure to follow the instructions when making appeals/reports. It makes it harder for us to process these otherwise.

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My bad, I’m sorry. Still new to this forum

There was a bit more to this ban than that. You cremated two people for little reason (one person for quite literally being in the same room as a dead person). you had excessive notes for things like this, and i recall, in the ticket, you made a remark along the lines of “why are you banning me from the only roles that matter?”, which is not a very

you cremated BOTH suspects with no evidence, as i recall. that, combined with your notes, made this justified.

That’s not very cash money of him
But there’s a lot of if I recall
If I recall

a necessary disclaimer for a two month old ban

If it’s not in the ban reason then you shouldnt be including it. THAT is literally hearsay.

Alright. It seems you’ve hardly played at all since this ban- you have only thirty nine hours of play altogether. Tell you what: get your playtime up to, say… one hundred? A hundred fifty? While serving this roleban, and i’ll unban you.

Could you provide more justification for enforcing this role ban besides an arbitrary range of hours? We get it, you have a hard on for head bans. But you havent really justified keeping his ban in place

The fact he seems to think the only roles worth playing are head roles despite the fact that he’s demonstrated himself unsuitable for them. If he can demonstrate he’s competent in other roles without screwing up, i’ll allow him to play heads again

Zesko’s point is further supported by the fact that the dude hasn’t played the game very much after being banned.

(The banee’s(?) belief that only Security and Head Roles matter.)

Zesk I think that’s a far more reasonable stance to take so I thank you for that. I hope I can show you that I am very capable of playing the roles properly. However it has been nearly four months, I have not broken the rules once which I think shows that I have learned my lesson from killing that engineer after being told by sec he was a murderer. That would not happen again.

Should I keep playing spot-free for another four months? Another year? I really badly want to play the roles I love with my friends again and have been dedicated to being a good member.

Just get those hours up. You have 39, which means you’ve probly played around 50 rounds, most before your ban. Like i said, get those hours up- that’s how i’ll know you’re actually playing and learning instead of just waiting the ban out