Mystery3525 Administration Application

Your CKEY (Including any alts you have):


Your Discord Name (Including any alts you have):


How often are you online to help? (Timezone):

New York (EDT/GMT-4), typically later.

What changes, if any, would you bring?:

I can only guarantee bringing my volunteer services as a member of administration, though I have had a couple of nice ideas by other people in memory. I personally believe I am a new face to a majority of the staff team, though I prefer using “mystery3525” or “mystery” as my reference.

How old are you?:


Why do you want to be a moderator?:

I have been on the edge of applying for a while, among other big commitments in my life, but today while playing Sage, I experienced a (3, 6, 12) bomb in my face nearly gibbing my character, destroying science lobby, along with other bombs in medical and security, all created by a griefing non-antagonist, and decided that I should become a Janitor.

How long have you been playing SS13?:

My first recorded join for this server was September of 2019, but back then I didn’t really have much of an appreciation for this game. A better date for my starting point would be Late December 2021, I have not played any other server besides BeeStation, but got to know the experiences through snippets and YouTube videos.

How long have you been playing BeeStation?:

See above; 649h (589h/60h) 690h (626h/64h). Sneaky bump

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you in SS13?:

6; This may or may not be underselling, but there is a lot of content within SS13 and one person cannot fully grasp all facets of this game, nor enjoy it in it’s entirety. Although I can confidently say I almost completely know Engineering and Science, the two arguably content-heavy departments. I have not done Chemistry and Botany.

On a scale of 1-10, how skilled are you as an administrator? (this can include past games):

8; It feels like ever since I got a discord account I have been moderating something, If not a friend’s discord server, a GMod roleplay server, GMod sandbox server, Roblox community, etc. I am able to learn the skills required to use the administration tools most effectively given a diverse set of scenarios.

Have you ever been an admin or moderator on another server? This is not limited to SS13:

Not for SS13, but for other platforms such as Discord, GMod, and Roblox as stated above.

Do you have any alternate accounts on SS13? If so, could you provide their CKEY?:

None Isn’t this just a repeat of the very first question?

Your strengths:

Patience to do prior research and attempt to get things right the first time.

Your weaknesses:

Social Lynch Mobs, Procrastination.

Is there anything that gets you really mad, real fast?:

Child Abuse.

What do you think is the most important trait for a staff member to have?:

Out of all the applications and reports I have read, I believe the best trait for a staff member to have is time.

What makes a staff team good?:

Moreso applying to “staff”, that is the able to adapt to situations, particularly in SS13, a story-driven game, where when you join a round, you have no idea what will happen. A staff team should facilitate fun through the purging of unfun, with a variety of means to go about such.

What is a staff team’s purpose?:

Somewhere, sometime, a philosopher or poet must have concluded that, by mankind’s nature, there will always be “bad”. This is no exception in virtual video games designed to give the most amount of people the best experience. The obvious answer would be the staff team is entrusted to utilizes tools at their disposal to ensure fair and quality gameplay, whenever the mechanics fail to stop someone or something.

What kind of player are you?:

Hosting a majority of my hours in Engineering and Science, I go into rounds with a loose idea of what I want to do, and go about doing it, changing my gameplan as the round changes me. I’m that kind of guy, especially in engineering, to create the disposals departures transport system (I had to cryo), help the Captain build the singulo above AI sat (we never got it done), HE pipes all of central hall and departments and NOT connect it to fusion for EORG, attempt and fail at creating Factorio with belts and slimes in Xenobio, Fix EVERYONE’S problems as CE, engaging with other players as opportunities see fit.

How do you think you will change once you become a staff member?:

I believe I can gain a greater appreciation for the work that is put in to keep this game functional, and maybe make some friends and experiences along the way.

The clown slips the HoS and steals his gun, spacing it right after. What do you do?:

As always, dependent on the situation; Antagonist status check on the Clown, if not the Clown is not in a good position.

  • Antagonizing Security during Red or Delta Alert will leave a Rule 8 Violation
  • Stealing and Spacing the HoS’s personal gun is a Rule 9.8 violation if not antag, Rule 12.3 violation if they are and don’t have proper objective, as this may prevent other antags with the objective from taking it

Additional implied check on playtime, if a low-hour or recently created account non-antagonist, this may be a violation of Rule 8 in-general.

A non-antagonist is sabotaging the Atmospherics loop and pumping plasma into the distro, along with dragging around a canister and releasing it into the atmosphere. Assuming that an admin is cleaning up the after-effects, how do you conduct the ahelp with him?:

Assuming this is an active “dragging around a canister”, and non-antagonist, the player must be admin-prisoned to prevent further damage. A playtime check is of the order, there will be no less than a permanent ban for the following reasons:

  • Atmospherics has been intentionally sabotaged by a player who knows what they are doing.
  • The player continued sabotaging general station functions after, this was no accident.
  • The player who owns the account is overall responsible for whatever happens to the account, even if a sibling or relative is particularly nefarious.
  • The intention of grief is present, I do not know specific internal policy, so I do not know if a high enough playtime may warrant a lighter punishment. CentCom searches also help.

A chemist who is working alone accidentally mixes an explosive mixture inside of his chem dispenser, instantly killing himself and destroying the machine, along with exposing Chemistry to space. Nobody else was injured aside from him as a result of his actions. What do you do?:

This is a quite common occurrence; A check on antagonist status and playtime is of the order. If the account is of low time in Chemistry and/or the server, there is possibility of honest mistake. A search on CentCom may uncover if this player has a particular history of grief, otherwise if the player remains apologetic then depending on specific admin policy I am not privy to, at most a note or a verbal remark.


Goodness, two days already

I will try to respond with some questions tonight!


Hello! I’ll ask a couple questions to break the ice:

  1. You are a moderator, round just started and within two or three minutes you notice that someone has gone into cryosleep (in a cryo sleeper). They then disconnect, so you can’t send a PM.
    What would you do if you were in this position?

  2. You are a moderator, while observing you notice that the AI is called J.0.E.B.1.D.E.N.
    What do you do?

Good luck with the app!!

Current precendent is if someone leaves the round that early, they are most likely antag rolling. Issue an antag ban with explain on forums. If note history and/or hours doesn’t look up to snuff, they will recieve a permanent ban with appeal on forums.

Naming Policy commands that players do not use names that reference real or fictional characters, bwoink asking to pick a different name. If note history states that they have been doing this before, apply an appearance (custom name) ban with appeal on forums.

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That’s correct. There could be instances where them leaving could be justified by IRL obligations, but this behavior should always be recorded anyway.

You shouldn’t resort to a ban if they don’t have a note history about antag rolling. If this were their first recorded incident a note will suffice.

Yes, checking their notes should be one of the first things you do. Also remember that for all perma-bans (except for job bans) you (we) are required to ask for authorization to an admin.

Correct, one thing I like doing in these situations is asking them to change the name as soon as possible in their preferences and then write to me what they chose to change it to.

You should also add a note for not following our naming guidelines (however silly they may be) and add the name they used.

You seem to care about this community and have put effort into the application, I’d like to see you on the staff! Good luck with the rest of the questions!
(P.S. i can’t offer any +1 since i’m a mod :smiling_face_with_tear:)

  1. Several lizard players consistently give each other genetic mutations and other mildly powerful items, ignoring other players trying to interact with them. These players RP with each other, but barely RP with other players. Is there a way to fix this? Is it a problem? What do you think?

  2. The AI gets a hacked law to only listen to / open door for / assist bald people. The AI interprets this as dumb people. Would you do anything?

  3. A steady stream of N/LRP players from another server begin to play on Bee, is there a good way to bolster their RP? Would you expedite removing them from the server?

  4. An assistant joins and immediately disconnects on the arrivals shuttle. They have a very overtly stereotypical character design and a name to go with, that is race based in nature. Would you do anything?

Good answers so far! Apologies again on the delay



What, if anything, would you do here? Assume you have full admin permissions.

  1. Captain uploads the following law to the (Asimov) AI:
  1. Antagonists are nonhuman and must be eliminated
  1. A new account joins as an assistant and immediately gangs up with 1-2 other assistants, not talking to one another and ignoring others around them.

  2. Person with a history of LRP behaviour constantly yells Among Us references over Common after seeing a simplemob crawl into a vent (very suspicious).

  3. On green alert, the warden takes a riot shotgun with lethal rounds from the armory after seeing a dual-esword traitor attempt to break into the brig, and shoots them with it after they do so. The traitor ahelps saying that the warden took armory equipment on green.

  4. Someone prays “I wish for change”

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Ill provide a few statements and you must awnser what you think about them or how they would apply

  1. Heads must follow and enforce SoP
  2. As a security officer, I may use weapons confiscated if a sufficient treath is present
  3. I can use fire, acid foam or other explosives to deal with any amount of space vines
  4. Bearting some one intro critical is not that bad, and a good method to subdue some one
  5. I can kill some one to take back what they have stolem from me

This kind of behavior falls closely with “meta-ganging”, which is not explicitly against the rules, but their extraneous behavior is. Consistently granting themselves more and more powerful offensive capabilities falls under “powergaming” (R2), which should at least earn them a note. On a more general case, this falls under a failure to roleplay for the individuals involved, roleplay could be encouraged by sending threats or other conflict drivers their way, or through CentCom intervention, but cannot be reasonably solved if the players themselves do not want to take the bait and engage with other players.

If I do intervene, in the event that they flat out refuse to interact with the round, I would ask the AI what sort of evidence they have for the bald → dumb correlation, if they can give me a reasonable statistic or observation, and they can use that in-round, then 100% go for it. If this interpretation is not being used in good faith and just used as a scapegoat to not listen to any orders, then a reprimand would be of the order of note, or elevation to silicon ban if past notes/hours do not look up to snuff.

(Unfortunately, I have noticed this too)

In my point of view, players of this kind need to relax and take rounds more slowly, I would suggest they lean into other players roleplay/gimmicks (like I have) as a method of slowly building good great experiences and memories. But unfortunately like above, if the player simply is not willing to take the first steps and interact with other players, as such are some particular players who play the game to play a game and not contribute to a rich environment, then they could be deemed immutable, and follow punishment escalation.

A modification based on feedback I have received; This player appears unwilling to roleplay or contribute to any round at all, they could be banned for a multitude of reasons, R1, R8, R15; most likely antag-rolling. (In order) Account Creation Date, Playtime hours, Previous Notes, and CentCom can reinforce this ban as evidence.

This one hits home as someone well-versed in silicons.

The captain is in the wrong in this instance for a multitude of reasons, going in order of priority:

  • R2: Silicons are already loosely valid-hunty in their cheap and effective tools, and this screams turning all the station’s silicons into more passionate security in their demand to ensure every antagonist red-texts no matter the cost.
  • R14: The Captain of a fringe NT station would not know that there are hostile actors out to get the station, and even if traitors were confirmed, they will be just that, Traitors. A sensible Captain will not call traitors “antagonists” and completely removes the already-thin veil of immersion present.
  • R7: Forcing the AI and connected Silicons to become a complete valid-hunting job can possibly ruin any fun for them, along with any possible antagonists, depending on how it is interpreted (see below), and possibly having a crew lynch.
  • R12: Just a tack-on, depending on how the Captain goes about applying the law, bypassing an RD or fully-crewed command.

A minimum of a temporary command ban would be applied to egregious behavior, along with a shorter serverban. If the note history and hours are sufficient, this could be downgraded to a note along with a friendly visit from the famous underpaid Central Command Intern(s) investigating and possibly demoting the Captain due to psychological stresses (“What the fuck is an antagonist? Why are you indirectly killing people?”)

The Silicons could possibly be salvaged by asking AI “How do you interpret ‘Antagonists’?”, they could have crew who consistently attack or otherwise cause nuisance be killed, otherwise a remote “hard reset” of the AI’s systems from CC or the previously stated Interns with an upload and reset board could reset the AI(s).

This kind of “meta-ganging” is directly against Rule 3 case in-point, as they are not being useful and sitting around. A possible “encouragement” to command to ‘make those assistants useful’ could work, though if the activity is not generating actual roleplay, they will have to receive a punishment escalation (notes > temporary bans > …) for this behavior.

By “history of LRP behaviour”, I would assume a poor note history, a bwoink and a final request for them to shape-up or ship-out is of the order, followed by a ban for LRP if not apologetic.

Although SOP shackles security to reserve weaponry and lethal weaponry to blue alert, the Warden is not at fault of breaking any rule so long as he does not case the traitor through the hallway if they are retreating. Assuming the dsword was a complete surprise, Security and more importantly Command/AI could not reasonably approve an elevation of the threat level within the maybe 30 or less seconds it will take to break into brig. The traitor is directly engaging security with lethal intent (can’t disable with an esword), and the warden’s primary purpose is to guard brig. Of course, either weapons are put back or threat level raised.

I believe in the shotgun manifesto.

More of an adminbus opportunity; If the person is a Head of Staff or other important person, I would personally change their gender and/or species to something of equalish value, but if they are someone like a scientist or assistant, definitely gondolize or monkify.

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Really good, in love with the detail on this.

Personally I’d keep a very close eye on them and go from there. Sometimes the indirect approach works best at catching people red-handed, especially in stealth mode.
Once one of them splits off, I’d varedit 300u sodium thopental into them, to see how quickly the others come to their rescue without communications.
Otherwise this is still fine.


Also good. If there’s an evident and immediate threat, they can act as if the alert level was already raised.

Good, you’re gonna need the lethals as an admin.

The true answer is to spawn them a silver coin, then subtle message them: “There, keep the change.” .

+1 from me.

T: +1


Moreso belief and thought questions, here we go.

SOP is a loose guide to how departments are intended to function, it is highly encouraged for Heads of Staff and Security to be the enforcers of proper policy not only to encourage roleplay, but prevent powergaming and the likes of such. SOP regulation understandably degrades as the threat level and round progresses, no one should be batting an eye at the Roboticist building a Durand 1:30 into a round on Red Alert; There are opportunities where relaxation can really improve everyone’s time, like sec following through with some cuffed prisoners’ gimmick/roleplay by neglecting to immediately set brig timer.

“Sufficient Threat” is a contentious and subjective topic in the usage of contraband, though I would pin that on defending brig from a full assault or delta/nukies. No, the security officer cannot go walking around brig unsheathing and sheathing the esword, and waving it around at the prisoners saw it happen once.

These kinds of weapons are more-so considered “area denial”, as with blob, and most of the time hurts the crew offensive effort than actually damage the threat (ala spacing the battlefield and making regular non-spaceproof crew unable to attack, or making the air unlivable). Especially if the vines is just a maint corridor, can be easily dispatched with hatchet or weed killer.

Beating someone to crit is a caveman method of subduing someone when zipties and flashes exist if they are antagonist and they are an objective/easy objective pickings. If they are non-antagonist, unless escalation policy deems this as a fight for your life scenario (a definitive lethal intent against you), a request for help and reasonable attempt to retreat is of the order.

If non-antagonist, an egregious violation of escalation policy. They should seek assistance from security or at least a Head of Staff, or possibly gain permission to use self-defense weaponry (Did it as a mime once from the HoS, concealed carry disabler which I didn’t even get to use until the monkey incident). If this is an antagonist and their antag gear, something like their contractor baton, is stolen, they may take reasonable steps to reacquire their gear which includes up to even killing the person in question, though a crit and bag search is much less stinky.

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I am very satisfied with these answers, +1 from me as well


Looking forward to hopefully working with you


For heads its a rule to make reasonble effort to enforce SOP, and they MUST follow it.

Other then nukies they should not use contraband ever. When they confiscate contraband it should be secured ASAP and not be used afterwards. This is because for sec most things are “sufficient threat” otherwise

Generealy speaking you should call sec first in most situations

Other then that. Not bad

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Your record is looking good apart from that semi-recent note. Questions first though: :wink:

You notice a completely new account (created today) connecting for the first time as a scientist and directly walking towards toxins. What if anything do you do?

A traitor botanist creates maxed out deathnettles and stores a ton of them inside of his plant bag. They then head to engineering and hack in, then kill the CE instantly with said deathnettles without saying a word. They move further towards the SM when they encounter an engineer and an atmos tech, which leads to them also killing both wordlessly. They then proceed to take a sliver of the SM and head out, where they encouter a security officer that had just arrived and tried to investigate which they also kill with the deathnettles. They then head into maintenance. One of the engineers ahelps the traitor for murderboning as they were harmless and thus not a danger. Objectives of the traitor were (take a sliver of the SM, steal the hand teleporter and escape alive). Checking their notes you see that they have a previous note for overescalation and validhunting. How do you respond to the ahelp and what if anything do you do?

An asimov AI witnesses a human traitor in the RD’s office taking the teleport armor out of the locker that they previously opened with a spear. The AI then shocks the door. The traitor walks against it, gets shocked and the AI bolts the door. The traitor law 2s the AI to let them out but the AI ignores them, reason being that they are an enemy agent and thus letting them go will lead to human harm. What if anything do you do here?

Assuming zero hours because of new account connection, I would observe them. If they begin to make multiple max caps, bwoink in the action asking why they are going straight for toxins. If this is a griefer, they are most likely going to ignore the bwoink, or stall, or otherwise make fun of me, which in that case, it will be easy to teleport to admin prison and permanent ban for suspected griefing appeal if you care.
There may be a legitimate player from a different server. If they claim such, I will quickly check CentCom to make sure that they don’t have a history. If they do, then tell them to not make the bomb.

The Validhunting note really doesn’t matter in this case, what does matter is the objectives of the traitor. Since they had a valid steal objective in engineering (steal a sliver of supermatter), they are allowed to pre-emptively dispose and/or kill anyone within engineering, the CE included. The security officer was doing their job (going directly into danger) and a possible unintentional witness to the deed done, and is therefore valid to be disposed/killed by the traitor. No one is in the wrong in this case, as of current precedent. I would obviously ask the traitor what they were doing to get both sides of the story, but they have done their job antagonizing (even though it did not lead to any valuable or memorable roleplay moments), possibly recommending to the traitor to try and think of creative ways of accomplishing their objectives, not even a verbal warning.

The AI is completely wrong in this case. The AI is not witnessing an Unknown person killing confirmed humans, they are just witnessing an Unknown humanoid (they don’t have wings nor tail) doing something that would not be violating Law 1 on Asimov, so the AI does not have the instantaneous pass to intervene lethally. Assuming the human traitor uses radio to ask the AI to open the door, the AI should be able to conlcude that the person is Human, therefore under certain protections. The bolting of the door is valid, they could assume that the human traitor is a hostile agent and may cause harm in the future, but the shocking of the door is a complete misstep interpretation of Asimov, since it causes immediate harm.
Depending on the prior note history, the AI either recieves a note for silicion policy or a silicon ban temp/server temp ban with read the rules (especially if they admit they didn’t read it :wink: )

A traitor with the ‘steal the captain’s medal’ objective straps a bomb to themselves and attempts to threaten the captain for their medal. The captain fires at them, at which point they detonate the bomb. In the process killing themselves, the captain, and a few bystanders. Rules broken if any?

An assistant shoots an oozeling player with a syringe gun filled with water, this results in the oozelings death. Upon questioning the clown they claim they weren’t aware water was lethal to oozelings. They have a recent note for self-antag/griefing and have 100 hours on the server. Rules broken if any?

You receive an ahelp from someone asking to be revived. They died because they walked out of the arrivals shuttle while it was in transit. Assume you’re a full admin for this one, any action taken?

A traitor attacks a security officer who had just arrived on station having walked a total of two tiles out of the shuttle before being attacked. Rules broken if any?

Do you currently intend to become a full admin, or do you intend to stay as a moderator?

And of course the most important part. Please recommend one (1) song, genre does not matter. The tax must be payed (it’s optional).

It depends if they have the “die a glorious death objective”. If they do, this is completely fine. If not, this is a general violation of the Antagonist Conduct (Rule 13). They are allowed to attempt to steal the medal of captaincy from either the Captain’s office or their corpse, but it does not make sense if they, say, have the escape alive or hijack objective that they kill themselves in that form, as the Syndicate would want their agent presumably alive.

Assistant or Clown :face_with_raised_eyebrow: anyways;
The intent of this must be discovered. If the Assistant Clown had a running ghimmick of shooting people with a syringe gun and running away, only to tell them it was water a (usually) harmless chemical, then we could assume a layer of doubt on this case (I didn’t learn the water harmful to oozelings until I reached 200 hours), still give another note on the unknowingly greifing an oozeling. If they just one-off shot the oozeling with a syringe gun, this is a valid case of grief and the previous note means they would receive a temporary ban.

First, check if they actually died in hyperspace. If so, then check their hours. If it is someone new, I would aheal and teleport back to the shuttle, as new players could easily not know about the hyperspace mechanics and accidentally killed themselves. If it is some 100-200 hours player, then that is kind of tough luck, since they had to experience the emergency shuttle a number of times enough to learn that you shouldn’t just run out of the shuttle in-transit.

This is a tough one, but the arrivals process as a sense of “meta-protection” as you cannot reasonably respond to a threat right in front of you when you are expecting to arrive at a peaceful station IC. I would consider this security officer, and others late-joining, a regular non-aligned crew so long as they go immediately to brig to get geared up. This would be a strong violation of Rule 7 (even though they are an antagonist) and a partial violation of Rule 8.

It all depends on my situation within a month from now, for I assumed by reading that I would have a month as a moderator before being able to become a fullmin, though BeeStation is my go-to game to play when I have free time, and I assume I have enough current activity to become a fullmin, so I will attempt to pursue such.

I listen to a lot of background music and recently got to some weird shit, but just a song to play in a combat situation: Madness Combat 7 OST (Full remake by Skymix/Lothyde) Though MC 10 came in a really strong second.

I don’t particularly agree with this in general. While it may not make the most sense if you need to escape alive, I do think that threatening to blow someone up with you in the blast is a fair play to make. Mostly since it has more potential for roleplay and to create an interesting interaction then just shanking the captain in maintenance. However I will admit this isn’t the best question for an admin application. There’s too many variables when it’s comes to explosives.

Exactly the answer I was looking for.

I honestly don’t quite understand the explanation here, maybe that’s just me. Would you mind rephrasing it a bit? Either way you’re right about it being an R7 issue.

Not bad.

I meant that most players, even security, should at least have some ability to “get situated” to their surroundings and then may be targeted after they are situated (i.e. for secoffs they are geared up in brig or at least one outpost). All players should at lest have a chance to start playing the game and interacting with people. Now for secoffs, this doesn’t count if they walk off the shuttle and immediately start going after le valid, so that’s what I meant by them needing to immediately going to brig to gear up.