Mylavi discord ban

Discord ID: Mylavi#4988, Banned as Naevi#4988 (816333453145800754)

Admin Discord ID: Archanial#9048 (261162279758725120) @Archanial

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: perma i assume

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 23/05/2021

Ban Reason: “don’t impersonate staff”

Appeal Reason: I did not change my account to impersonate Naevi on bee, I should have thought about it though before going on to the bee discord. Will not happen again.

Additional Information: N/A


Your post has been updated with some information you were unable to access due to the nature of discord bans.

Until this joke of staff impersonating each other stops happening, I can’t see this as a major offense even though it normally would be. It’s getting old not being able to tell who even our staff are without checking the attached CKEY.

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How long until someone tries to ping ike for the joke but actually just pings vexy and nothing happens.

I would definitely agree, there’s no malice here. It’s someone trying to take part in a bad joke we got going on

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thought i would add a proper explanation:

I’m sure you have seen that “screenshot and do what it says” gif going around. On a different server, where Naevi is not an admin, I “impersonate someone on the server”, this didn’t matter at the time because on this server Naevi isn’t an admin.

I than go to bee (still as Naevi and a while after i changed my account so it wasn’t something i was actively thinking about) and people start making a joke of it. I did play along with it at the time but should have changed back before going on to bee.

I will unban you and change this ban into 1 point warning. Ping me once you rejoin the server