My Personal Beestation Lore

This thread will be me mostly dumping my personal lore about Beestation. This part creative writing and part a serious attempt to make Beestation lore. This also won’t (at this point in time) be a timeline and cohesive history of the galaxy, but a explanation on why things are the way they are. Feel free to give input as I add more modules of information, and especially pointing out conflicting information and mistakes. This also means if you have any idea’s/things you want my interpretation of something feel free to comment and I can add the idea’s I like or think fit the narrative I’m going for. I eventually hope that parts of my explanations makes it into officall beestation lore!. Also, I’ll update previously mentioned sections if PR changes how things work in a way that affects the lore I’ve written. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy reading my ideas for lore!

Updates 5/18/22: Nanotrason Cloning Program and Clone Malfunctions

Nanotrason Cloning Program

Working for Nanotrason you may ask yourself; why does it seem like you see so many of the same people while you live on a research station (and they even do a variety of jobs), the answer is Nanotrasons’ Cloning Program.

Nanotrason has a massive bank of DNA/clones of pre-designated individuals especially chosen for their resilience for long term space travel, their loyalty to Nanotrason, and a willingness to sell their own genetic code to their corporate overlords. The selling of their genetic code doesn’t just stop at Nanotrason making infinite clones of them, copies of their mind are also have names (given by the individual) that is given to what every cybernetic or AI body they are placed within. These copies are also uploaded to bluespace and sold/downloaded as AI/posibrain programs. Typically the life of a clone begins during the construction of a station, through numerous lottery systems a individual is picked to be grown/constructed and then given a job. Their working knowledge is directly implanted into the clones mind as it develops, this is also when their mind is given a gentle nudge to remain loyal to Nanotrason through a nanochip (which are difficult to alter after initially programed). Nanotrason clones are extremely vulnerable during this stage in their growth, being vulnerable to attacks and hacking (see Clone Malfunctions). After they are cloned, they are sent to the station remotely through bluespace technology, or through any other means depending on the situation. Any clones that make it back to their Central Command station will have their memories uploaded and sent off to another station. This is done to save costs of having to dispose of surviving clones (while not having to deal with making new fake memories) and to provide different variables for Nanotrason to study. Known malfunctioned clones are dealt with through a mercenary group that refers to themselves as, Space Ninjas.

Clone malfunction's

Clone malfunctions are caused by two main groups: the syndicates and the Revolutionaries. The Syndicates will cause cybernetic worms that infect the Nanotrason nanochips and cause three main affects: changes their innate royalty to the Syndicates, causes them to be uploaded with knowledge of every job, and remotely hacks items like PDA’s/headsets/PDA pen’s to be able to access advanced Syndicate bluespace servers for their required gear.

Revolutionaries were initially a group of research stations that successfully unionized and combined to form large mega stations that eventually gained their independence from Nanotrason and formed their own corporation: Mynax Inc… The generally peaceful takeover caused Nanotrason to do something and greatly gutted Mynax Inc.'s ability to obtain new workers, which was to swap over and create their Cloning Program to be able to imprint inherent loyalty to Nanotrason. This dramatically caused Mynax Inc. to loose profit and workers, almost entirely wiping out the company and only remaining their core station left. As a direct attack against Nanotrason actions, Mynax Inc. worked together with the syndicates to create the Revolution Virus (RV). The RV is a program that will replace the program Nanotrason uses, and causing the target to become loyal to Mynax Inc. when in the same region as the station. The program begins with the HRV (Head Revolution Virus), which beside changing innate loyalties, will also produce a very small amount of nanobots that will be able to remotely hack into flashes when directly held. When someone corrupted by the HRV holds a flash and flashes someone directly in the eyes (and aren’t shielded), the flash transmits energy that a Nanotrason nanochip will detect and boot up the RV.

While this program is highly advanced with it allowing Mynax Inc. to obtain more workers and have a even stronger hold over them, Nanotrason was pushed to develop what is the most effective tool that has evolved to combat more threats, which are Mind Shields. They were first developed to directly prevent viruses to trick the Nanotrason nanochips into booting up new programs, and later refined to also prevent supernatural forces from frying the loyalty chips. Though regarding supernatural forces, this only prevents the physical body from being used by them and still leaves their soul fully intact. Further research is being done into why this can’t be fixed with flashing their Nanotrason paper work in front of their eyes like what is done for “devils”


I support NT (they bought my soul) join the station it’s great

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I find “everyone is a clone” bland, generic and makes your character feel fake

Cloning shouldn’t be viewed as a normal experience but as a highly traumatic last resort that realistically noone wishes to undergo

you also have to realise nanotrasen would never waste so much money in constant cloning and implanting, with space exploration and colonisation surely the human population would be in the trillions or even more, why waste so much money on clones when there’s a near infinite sea of possible employees
Only arguement against “why waste a clone” I have are heads of staff

positronic brains I always images them being effectively slighlty less random Boltzmann brains ( Boltzmann brain - Wikipedia ) with the “ghost possession” aspect being just a mechanical explanation rather than a lorepoint

I dislike the nanochip as it is closely related to the cloning idea, it also prevents roleplay of someone who hates working at the corporation but still works there

I also dislike the syndicate virus thing, I prefer if the syndicate managed to force people to work for then via bribes, blackmail, propoganda or simply having spies of their own start working at nanotrasen, that’s why heads of staff or security are never traitors since they require a larger background check

the revolutionary company thing sounds kind of stupid, I always images revs to be commies, why would communists have their own megacorp? I always imaged their way of conversion is that in the dystopian future the mere concept of unionisation is completely unheard of to most people and the revolutionary flash is just jam packed with propaganda making anyone who’s not constantly fed propoganda themselves (IE mindshielded) or simply cannot see it (flash protection) instantly fall in love with the idea

or maybe revs just shouldn’t have lore, or exist at all on a roleplay server but that’s not the point of this thread

I image mindshields to just constantly censor words or images that aren’t nanotrasen approved , it prevents rev conversion by spouting Amazon style anti-union propoganda and deconverts the same way, prevents cult stuns by simply not allowing the dark magics into your head

a common problem with your ideas is that instead of allowing new roleplay opportunities it actively prevents many roleplay opportunities allowing effectively one person, a mass produced clone with no porpuse other than to work with unending loyalty to a ruthless megacorp


There’s a theory extended from NSV that everyone is actually just clones, since NT owns your soul your flesh is not a major issue.

i personally dont like the whole cloning idea. as mentioned above its quite limiting, low stake
and indeed a company wont really bother with a system with questionable cost when 1/6 of their clones keep comming out somehow conditioned by their enemies

its ok if its an expensive… EXPERIMENTAL technology only for heads of staff captains admirals and executives. did we forget that most of the things on the station are technically semitested experimental technologies

it also solves an issue that didnt exist to begin with. it is a accepted fact that lore wise the events of ss13 are a single time freak accident. and not a common occurance. people dont come back with a diffrent job all the time. the game just kina exist in a loop

besides going for lore/rp of someone being a more literall slave than just wage slavery we already got a few races that fit the bill

If this is a single time freak accident type of lore them how come all these felinids know to wordlessly gather up in dorms to erp while pretending to know each other

NT is secretly own buy the third Soviet Union, or maybe is vice versa
I don’t know, we need more world building

That’s only for the military/elite quick response fleet that the main ship belongs to, most other factions (solgov/NT themselves, hell even the other fleets in whiterapids) don’t use clones that much, since NT actually holds that tech pretty closely.

And it makes sense too, since that ship sees a good amount of combat.

The scientist who genetically created the felinid race left a hidden “hivemind” in their sequence, which would activate in large groups in close proximity to beds.

I’ve always wondered if there is any contunuity between rounds. And the idea of crew who died on previous stations being replaced with backup clones would fit into that. Would be interesting having everyone who survived having PTSD from the events of the previous shift.

Instead of the groundhog day scenario i think we are following.

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Anything “unusual” doesn’t carry to other rounds. The round you play is supposed to be the first shift where something “unusual” happens

While the idea of having characters “”"“coping”""" with past events and trying to find ways to forget what happened is interesting, considering the amount of events that can happen in a single round it’d be too chaotic to be really possible


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