My MRP message

No ‘everyone acts like this’ or ‘mrp is dead’ isn’t an excuse to grief and act like it’s lrp, that only makes it worse.

Thanks you, rant over.

Thanks for bringing this up. We’ve been having a ton of discussion on the forums about this lately.

There’s currently a campaign to make MRP actually MRP again. You should add your opinions so admins can see them.

The admins know about MRP and there are alot of us who were MRP players before high pop times and we really want it back. Can assure you, I for one will never stop nagging until we ge our 3h rp building rounds back

Hey, I would love if you gave some feedback in the making Space Law a ruleset for MRP thread, I think it’s a good first step towards normalizing out MRP, and I am genuinely curious what you think about it.

Believe it or not, the first step to fixing Sage is one step behind that. What MRP was when Bacon and I were normal players (and what we want to return it to) is not in alignment with what MRP was initially supposed to be. Now there are many new admins that are trying to return it to what it was, and many others that don’t think what it was should be passed/enforced as law over the server because that’s not what it was ever supposed to be.

This is why I’ve been encouraging open discussions about MRP even though a lot of them bleed together
The more voices speaking, the better.

The players crying for us to take our HRP mindset away aren’t inherently wrong - they were able to get away with what they did before because it wasn’t against the rules, but it was done on a small enough scale it also wasn’t disruptive to players on the scale it is now

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Problem is when looking at other servers, our MRP is more in line with their LRP, the only extra rule is no murderbone and not netspeek most people seem to think (and even our old LRP) and LRP has just lost all RP completely, people don’t even care about LOOC anymore.

I myself, don’t really want stricter rules on it directly, but it’s a step towards bringing back the players and environment we used to have and hence a necessary sacrafice in my opinion. (Also half the people playing probably haven’t even read the MRP rules and they get outright ignored by too many people to stop at this point)

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I agree with this sentiment, back before the migration I would love to play heads on the MRP station. But having to stay for the whole three hours of a quiet shift was exhausting. In my opinion this was the core issue causing the lack of command staff generally on old MRP.

I know I’m piling on the suggestions here, but I have another one. Add a round shift time of one hour and forty five minutes, this allows plenty of time for crew to accomplish their objectives while also giving the heads a chance to retire.

Edit: By that I mean a time where a head can optionally call the shuttle without being job banned.

personally I think it should be longer than 1:45 cause all the fun little projects often take longer than that.

A vote for the crew could be better than a one person decided the fate of everyone situation

Exactly, the heads don’t have to call the shuttle when the shift ends, it just gives them the option to end the round when there is generally nothing interesting going on.

This for me hits the nail squarely on the head – I always liked the chaotic nature of Bee, but it’s gotten way out of hand lately for an “MRP” atmosphere – I think splitting the difference between this and what other servers consider MRP would be a good model to aim for. Thoughts?

I agree, I don’t want the draconian iron curtain style of Yog. Just some basic structure so that its possible to get some RP in.

the round end vote is something citadel does and i think it works pretty well all things considered

Really. that’s the one quote you had for me.

Mrp is a mindset and a cultural thing. It must almost come bottom up as it’s the type of thing that’s really difficult to enforce top down.

Concrete rules would go a long way. Not just for the admins enforcing them, but for the players to have a clear definition of what is acceptable. Frequent offenders get permabanned from MRP and can only play LRP.

It only takes one shitter to ruin MRP for everyone. Even if 99% of us adhered to the guidelines (which most of us do), you still have bad actors. Maybe they just don’t know any better? Have a warning system. Three strikes and your out permanently, no appeals.

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Admins ruined LRP we ruin MRP

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The just reversed/ revised that ruling. I don’t know if you know, but if I were admin, you would be have one strike right now for that comment and soon on your way to an MRP ban.

Well in reality MRP be LRP suffers from 3 issues

LRP has no admins so any player who suffers then goes to MRP cause they got admins to protect them
LRP is only fun with mass players so people go to MRP
And finally LRP isn’t LRP anymore
And MRP is just case of what would my player do
Not much needed for RP