My issues with beecoins and character customisation

I’d like to lower (or preferably remove altogether) the beecoin requirements for most items on display in the beecoin shop.

This would be the first part of my new project, along with making the selections character-based (as opposed to client based) and adding more items and clothes to the selection (if i manage to even cardigans and blazers and all that).

This is my thought process:

The price on the items is absolutely dumb and completely arbitrary

The median cost of items is between 1,000 and 5,000 beecoins.

You get around 30 beecoins at the end of each shift (now that greentexting doesn’t provide 300 anymore).

Let’s say that you get 30 coins per hour. This would mean you require more than 160 hours to get a shirt. Is this really necessary?

let’s see how much do items cost on another roleplay server.

I’ll pick Aurora, since it’s my most played:

oh, it’s 0.

This limits character customisation (for no apparent reason)

I’m in full support of limiting many items to the patron donators, since it provides more incentive to donate.

But what do we gain from locking away this content? nothing.

Player freedom (through self expression) on the other end is severely limited. Isn’t having more customisation good?

Well, yes: you could just buy/hack a vending machine for most clothes after the round starts. But would that make any sense? Why shouldn’t your character start with their favorite shirt, or a waller?

Let’s say I wanted to play a character with an eyepatch (my character Joseph Alexander Willey): why should they not start with it? What good comes from needing to get that from a vendor instead?

I don’t like this form of metaprogression

I personally believe you should want to play on this server because you enjoy doing it in and of itself. This isn’t a gacha game.

These forms of incentives are not needed to keep players engaged with the server.

My solution

I’d like to lower the cost of most items to 0, as they do in other RP servers.
At the same time I’d be in favor of keeping the beecoin requirement on some dumb items like the swag outfit.

Please tell me what you think about these ideas!


I’d be 100 percent in favor with this. As long as the meme items (antag token, swag clothes, etc.) still cost beecoins.


Im in agreement with Teoman.

Keep the fun shit and the super drip limited to beecoins.

I mean its not like some of us have thousands to spend…Looks away


of course, we can always add more beecoin sinks here and there. just meme items, posters or whatever really.


Imagine stockpiling coins, what nerds


Imagine not having an Antag Token which is almost impossible to achieve now that antag greentext doesnt give Beecoins.

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Add more sinks before removing existing ones and I’ll be happy.

sure, that i can do! if anyone has any ideas on what meme items should be added, please write them here.
I’ll (try to) add them once i’m done with making loadouts character based.

Literally just an IPC headwear, where it’s an ipc head but a hat and called “IPC” no meaning to it, nothing

Do whatever as long as the swag outfit remains at a combined 100k bee coins.

The Syndicate balloon, but for the other types of antag

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A “hug gun”.
if you shoot someone with it, it does the Friendly action associated with the body part you’re aiming at (hug, headpat, etc). I would also want it to work on simplemobs.
And the sprite when you fire it would be the heart that Ian and Runtime emit when petted.

so extendohand?

That only has a range of 1 extra square and has other uses.

do you accept bribes in beecoins

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I can’t agree with this more! The shop is also super limited with what clothes you can get. I don’t need to say but having to rush to the nearest vendor for everyround to get something a wig that should be easily enabled in a character loadout gets tiresome really quick.
Ideally you should be able to get whatever clothes you want outside of department issued uniforms. i.e. Sec.


when you code it

it as easy as adding another line and refrencing the item

on another note, our current loadout system sucks. Instead of replacing the roundstart clothes if possible they’re just put in our hands/bag.

sadly this is too advanced for me to do, i’m already having issues with setting the character based loadouts (which i imagine is very simple in comparison lol)

Also, i didn’t mean to ask if you had any suggestions about items i could make, i meant to ask about items that are already in game and that could be added as a beecoin sink

I think it would be cool/fun if you could spend beecoins on starting tools for the shift, that you had to buy at the start of every round before hand.
So say you’re a my ipc character GAR who is a miner. Every round I run to tool storage to grab the tools I need to do self repairs on lavaland. But if i think it might be nice to just be able to prebuy them (and a tool belt cries) with beecoins before round start. And the idea being that you only purchased one set for that shift so you’d have to buy it again.
Or say you’re a roboticist and you want to start with a specific battery, or tool, or material. Maybe you can buy it. Or as a botanist you could buy seeds you want before a shift (maybe some pre easy mutable ones like snapcorn or meatwheat.)
Like - just the things you can get from vendors anyway? Then they can still be sort’ve cheap because you’d have to buy them every round.