My day as a security

So I was playing beestation sage and I was a security (my favourite job) and guy came into the security room without mindshield and he said he came from the shuttle (when you join the game lately as security officer) so I obviously arrested him because I thought he was fake after that hos came and just beated the crap out of me after I arrested him jailed me didn’t take any of my items off and jailed me for 5 minutes is that allowed?

Make a player report

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yes, if it really was the way you said, make a report on that HoS

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His name is Charles Itilia in game

Crew can change jobs by utilizing the Head of Personal to give them clearance and give them a proper job title. It is completely possible for someone in non-security clothing to enter security through these means. What you should do is verify if this is what is occuring or not. If you are worried that they may have stolen the ID from another security team member. Go to the personal computer and search of their name. If they don’t look exactly like the person pictured in their file then quickly arrest them.

But in your case given the HoS’s reaction you likely took into custody someone who transferred to security. While beating you up was wrong of them their discontent for your actions is completely understandable. They however should have explained the situation to you. Though I will say you probably shouldn’t have been jailed you should consider yourself lucky because he has the right to fully demote you instead and kick you out of the department completely.

I also think what is important here is that you were on Sage and you should have known better before you ever played on Sage. Which is probably why the HoS reacted so strongly and didn’t bother to teach you. If you are new to the game hun, I would highly recommend going LRP first.

Semi off topic but something I do when I play sec is make a cheat sheet. The moment I join I take notes of general attributes of the crew members and their names of course. If new members join sec I also make new notes containing them. (This works especially well as Warden as you know any frauds the moment they enter sec) Name, gender, hair color, even quirks. If someone walks in with the name but not the expected attributes you pounce. It’s always hilarious when someone of a different species gets busted for this as if a lizard can just walk in claiming they are John Doe.

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As I said before he didn’t transfer from assistant to security he was security right from the start of the game which means he should have the mindshield on he even said it himself he started as a security.
Please read the post again.

And at the Golden you just get killed for no reason so I don’t even bother playing there.

Well he likely lied to or there was a miscommunication. Because sec starts off mind shielded so he probably was a transfer.

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He wasn’t
He even said it himself

That is my whole point he said he started as security but I know when you start as security you have mindshield and he didn’t have any and he even said it him self

Did you finally get it?
That’s even why I made this post there is even written in the post he said he started as the security.
Post: he came from the shuttle (when you join the game lately as security officer)

You did an interesting and smart reply but please read the post more clearly before you start typing things and accusing me of breaking space law

Wait did you just join to spectate the hos?
The AI just said the HoS is a moron the same HoS that arrested me and beated me with stun baton

Hold up there partner. Try not to spam your own thread with posts. Connect your messages in a single reply. If you think someone broke the rules against you make a new topic here and use the format to give us information. Without names, round numbers, and specifics we can’t check the logs to figure out what happened.

Sorry you had a rough time. Try not to get hostile with people clearing things up or asking about the situation though.

If you die and get cloned then your new body won’t start with a mindshield which is what may have happened here. But as an officer unaware of if they were cloned you were indeed correct to arrest them. Usually if that happens the HOS would simply stun and cuff the arresting officer to explain what had happened, but no beating up nor brig timer for simply doing your job and being cautious. Either way the cloned non-mindshielded officer should be quickly mindshielded again to avoid confusion.

Are you sure you were actually harmbatoned with a stunbaton and not just stunned? Both stun but only one does any lasting brute damage.

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Moral of the story: Don’t play sec

The guy I arrested even had the security uniform on and he never said anything about getting cloned he just said he came from the shuttle (the ship that brings you in) as the security officer. The HoS never explained anything he just stun batoned me down without saying anything and brigged me for 5 minutes and yes I did take brute damage.
The thing is that the HoS didn’t even take my items off like security belt unfirom or anything like that.
And what rule did he broke?

Can you tell us what round number this occurred on? So maybe an admin can peek into the logs to figure out what exactly happened.

Sorry I can’t I already forgot it. But if this happens again I will do a player report